The Best Tips for Making the Most of Your Golden Years

By Jason Lewis of often think of growing older as a steady decline in health and ability. However, you can maintain your physical and mental well-being with a handful of smart strategies. Here’s how to ensure your golden years are healthy, active, and include good quality of life.   Fit as a Fiddle Staying … Read more

Top 3 Tips to Improve Your Balance

If you’re anything like me, Graceful was never a word used in your description….(insert REALLY BIG HUGE SIGH HERE BY MY PARENTS.)  I was definitely a more rough and tumble tom boy and I took my fair share of licks because proprioception and I weren’t on a first name basis. Proprioception–in the easiest terms, is … Read more

Yoga Fundamentals: Muscle Memory

 My daughter is 3.5 and we are slowly introducing her to the subtle and probably soon to be dying off art of handwriting….Our very own Denise introduced me to a fun game, “touch and bump” which we’ve been working on a few times a week.  In essence, before my daughter actually learns letters for real, … Read more

What you Should Bring to Your First Out of Town Yoga Training

In this mini-series of posts about workshops, training and visiting new studios, hopefully, you’ve learned a few things to be prepared for your firsts with our studio or any new yoga studio that you happen upon.  These posts were inspired by my trip to train with my teacher, Manju Jois, at his yearly stop down … Read more

Yoga Studio Etiquette: Top 10 Things to Remember When Visiting a Yoga Studio for the First Time

Growing up, I had a VERRRRY strict grandmother.  I mean, etiquette school level strict. My mother and aunts all went to etiquette school–which I didn’t really believe existed until much later in life and I saw the Mad Men Episode that had one in it.  (Who said you can’t learn from television!) At any rate, … Read more

The Lululemon Reversible 5mm Yoga Mat–What to Know

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 – If you’ve been following along the last few weeks, you’ll know I’ve been writing about yoga mats.  Here at the studio, we get a lot of questions about recommended products, so I thought having a written legacy of recommendations would be beneficial so they can look up exactly why … Read more

Hot Yoga: The Pros and Cons

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 – My “yoga background” started out exclusively in Hot Yoga.  Specifically, I was trained in a Baptiste Certified Yoga School, by a teacher that was certified by Baron Baptiste himself many many many moons ago. –which, now that I say that, I bet Bill wouldn’t appreciate me saying quite that … Read more