Exploring the Physical Practice

Three Times Your Yoga Teacher is Reminding You of the Hamstring, Low Back Connection (and why you should listen) By: Megan Brock, PT, DPT, RYT-200, MPH Many of us have experienced low back pain, tight hamstrings or both. These issues are so common, that cues to protect the low back and optimally stretch the hamstrings … Read more

Speeding up Fitness Recovery with CBD

Everyone’s talking about CBD. So, what gives? Well, quite a lot actually. Far from just being the health, well-being and fitness fad of the moment, this natural oil has plenty of proven benefits going for it. Like the fact that there’s scientific proof that it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-anxiety, great for your immune system and can … Read more

How to Backbend: The Safest Way to Practice Backbends like Urdvha Dhanurasana and Ustrasana (Wheel & Camel)

Backbends–Everyone loves to hate them. It’s pretty easy to see why, once you’ve tried them a few times on your own, because those puppies are HARD!  Here’s the thing, they are also very good for you to do. I’m not talking about the crazy back bends that you see in Cirque Du Solie–that’s contortionism, not … Read more

How to Develop a Home Yoga Practice: Top Tips to Successfully Incorporate a Regular Personal Yoga Practice

Recently, I wrote the Whys for developing a home practice.  In that post, I said that a regular home practice is the best way to really get to know yourself and your yoga practice, on your time, and in your space.  In today’s post, I want to give you some tips on HOW to do … Read more

Everyday Yoga Miracle: Laura Fulton

I met Laura several years ago at a Manju Jois training.  She was one of those people I noticed because she made getting into and out of my “nemesis” poses look like they were a cake walk.  (you know how you notice those sorts of people…not in the negative way, but in the, “holy cow, … Read more

The Difference Between A Big Gym and a Boutique Yoga Studio

Not to long ago, I sent out an email to all my wonderful clients–it was during the middle of what had to have been the longest rainy spell since Noah’s days…I mean it, we had NINE straight days of rain, YUCK!  It wasn’t a special email, just part of a weekly studio update that I … Read more

Yoga Nooga : Four New Yoga Classes to Try This Year

This was originally an article in the Chatter. We have updated the links to reflect events coming up here at Thrive Yoga and Wellness In this age of athleisure, many are familiar with the benefits of yoga outside of the opportunity to wear yoga pants everywhere. The ancient practice loosens limbs, shores up balance, strengthens … Read more