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What is Satya or Truth?

In this episode of Sacred Spaces, Thrive Teachers, Jennifer Dixon and Merritt Maloof Plumb discuss the second Yama, or Ethical Guideline. The Yamas are 5 practices that we should pursue and make up the first limb of Ashtanga (8 limbs) yoga. Outside of religion, these concepts provide a foundation by which to live a life […]

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Yoga Challenges that Hurt

In an era where social media is king, challenges have become synonymous with yoga, fitness, diets, and so much more. For the most part, I have never really given much thought to challenges, in any field. In fact, from the very beginning, I struggled with the idea of challenges-especially if the challenge was towards a […]

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What is Cortisol?

Stress. It’s basically what just about every person that visits the studio says they want help managing. Stress is tension, felt physically or emotionally, and it seems to go hand in hand with daily life now. Whether you are a 16 year old student studying for a Pre-Cal exam or a 36 yr old trying […]

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