3 Ways To Protect Your Health After Retirement

Reaching retirement brings with it a new sense of freedom and independence for many elderly people. After years of working shifts, early starts, painful commutes, and navigating office politics ex-workers can enjoy the finer things in life and rely on their pension and personal savings for income. That said, as you approach retirement age, looking after your health has to become more of a priority, and guess what, with retirement, you will have the time! So, here are three ways to protect your health.

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1. Sort Out Your Health Insurance

Protect your future self with the right health coverage today. With so many health insurance plans available, particularly for those older than retirement age, it can be tricky to know what to choose and what sort of cover your need. However, SilverScript is one option for the over 65s that has grown in popularity recently. To simply answer the question ‘is the United American prescription drug plan part of SilverScript?’ Yes, it is. United American and SilverScript partnered up to deliver prescription drug plans to patients and all health insurance plans are administered by SilverScript too. Therefore, if you rely on regular medication, it might make sense to ensure that your medical plan is compliant and provides you with the cover you need to remain protected. Remember, your health is your wealth, after all, so be sure to protect it.

2. Remain Physically Active

After giving up work and entering your twilight years, it can be tricky to remain active when you’re no longer needing to graft five days a week to earn an income. Even the walk to and from the office can make a difference to your physical activity levels. So, if you are finding that you’ve become a bit slovenly and not as active as you might like now that you’ve retired, then make a conscious effort to get fit again. This is vital to protecting your future health. Regularly practicing yoga and Pilates are great ways to get healthy and in stay in shape after retirement. Both yoga and Pilates are low impact but can help to build muscle, maintain or grow flexibility and it can help with Balance and maintain your stamina. The best news is, yoga and Pilates can be done by EVERY body. The key is finding and practicing with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Yoga lovers have reported that they enjoy a more stress-free lifestyle, where they sleep much better as a result. In terms of your health, you can expect to enjoy increased mobility and flexibility, which will help you to remain active as your joints start to tighten up and you experience more of life’s natural aches and pains.

3. Stay Sociable

Some of the biggest health problems that people of retirement age suffer from are mental ones. It’s important you remain sociable after retirement – especially if you live alone – to fight off depression and loneliness. That’s what makes Thrive Yoga and Wellness so special. We don’t just come together to practice, we come together to experience life together. With special events each month classes 7 days a week, and a spacious lobby to hang out in, you are welcome to come to class early and stay late and just hang with your Thrive Tribe where you can socialize with your friends. Retirement gives you the free time to be able to flexibly go and see people, so take advantage of this and remain sociable to protect your mental health after giving up work. This is more important than you might think. There is no stigma around mental health anymore, so take this important step to protect yourself, allowing you to enjoy retirement more freely.