4 Easy Ways to Help Defeat the Rainy Day Blues

So, can we assume that if we haven't seen a really big boat with a ton of animals that ALL THIS RAIN rain will stop???

Oh man, I hope so!

In this week of near perpetual precipitation, I've been struggling a lot with motivation, mood, and just aches and pains. Hopefully I'm the only one, but if I'm not, I want to tell share with you some things that I have been doing to try to not get too short tempered with my loved ones and to not give in to the feeling that I may be succumbing to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

SAD is a diagnosis where you basically get the winter blues.  It can be very severe and limit a person's ability to live a normal, happy life in the times of lower sunlight.

Here are 4 Easy Hacks to Help You Get Over Rainy Day Blues

  • Try to focus on doing something fun at least for a few minutes every day - so we've been turning the TV off a little more and actually playing. It's a little more difficult, because I'm forever on the computer doing something related to Thrive, but it's actually really helped me to feel better, and it's led to a lot of super cute moments
  • Keep Moving - I know when it's cold and wet I'm super duper cold and even achy--but let's remember, "an Object in Motion tends to stay in motion," so let's not let this week of biblical rains get us off our New Year's Resolutions! Get in to the studio or practice with me online.
  • Try not to go straight to the comfort foods. I know I'm for REAL guilty of this on cold, wet days, I want warm, filling, and usually- very Southern (I am originally from Florida and I grew up in Tennessee you guys!) things like casseroles or cheesy things. I noticed that after a few days of heavy foods, it made me feel even more sluggish -- which isn't ideal when the whole world is presently sluggish with all this rain! So, go ahead, grab a smoothie instead of eggs and biscuits and gravy, go for the super beautiful and delicious salad over the chicken and rice casserole. It may not warm you up immediately like a big bowl of that casserole, but your body will be lighter, and feel better and help you "fake it til you make it" --you'll be feeling good again soon! Hot tea helps to warm you up almost as good as the casserole....:)
  • Finally, remember, this is only a season too. The yoga term is aparigraha, which means non-attachment.  I have a blog post explaining this concept a little more here. You and I know deep down that the rain will eventually go away, so maybe think about the fun things you'll get to do when it finally does stop raining, or maybe think about how pretty the spring flowers will be in just a few short weeks! It's in the mind, just like many aspects of the yoga practice. We have the power to control our minds and use this as an opportunity to practice your yoga off the mat. When the negative thoughts or behaviors start to surface, stop them. ---even if you have to say it out loud! (don't worry, people will only think you're weird for a minute. 😉 )
The bottom line is, remind yourself  that there is hope --think of something beautiful in your life and then try to experience a part of that beauty--whether it's a quick playtime with little ones in a homemade fort, or it's disconnected conversation time with your favorite person.

Just like Little Orphan Annie said, "the sun'll come out...." (in our case, in just a few more days!) You got this!

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