7 Best Ways To Integrate CBD Into Your Meditation Or Yoga

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People have combined Cannabis concentrates with yoga and meditation since time immemorial for achieving maximum benefits. Yoga and meditation are mental exercises that help to calm the mind, relieve stress, and promote positive energy.

On the same note, CBD helps to relieve depression and stress, calm the mind, and re-energize after a long day. CBD also reduces physical pain, promotes sleep, and mood. For a long time now, people continue to intertwine yoga, meditation, and cannabis.

So, what are the best ways to integrate CBD in yoga and meditation?

What is CBD?

Before discussing ways of incorporating CBD in your meditation and yoga, it is vital to understand this concept. The cannabis plant contains many compounds, and CBD is just one of them. CBD has become famous in recent years due to its medicinal properties.

CBD is the psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant that helps to relieve pain, inflammation, and treat various diseases. It does not cause any high effect, making it easy to include it in daily life.

Here are some best ways to take CBD during your yoga and meditation:

  1. CBD Gummies


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CBD gummies have become a popular way of taking CBD. They are discretive and donโ€™t interfere with normal activities. They are like gums and all you require I to chew depending on your dosage and the desired effects. Here are 7 different unique CBD gummies by CBDfx that you can try.ย 

Gummies are a form of cannabis edibles, and they come in different tastes and flavors depending on your needs. Some common benefits of CBD gummies that play a role in yoga and meditation include the management of depression, anxiety, and pain. 

Begin with a small dose of about 30mg-40mg before increasing. You can take before, during, or after yoga.

  1. CBD-Infused Drinks

Nowadays, you can enjoy CBD in your favorite drink. CBD oil combined in smoothies, cocktails, fruit juices, and alcohol, among others, offers excellent therapeutic benefits. You can take a glass or two of CBD-infused drinks before or after your yoga classes.

It will offer the same benefits of CBD, such as pain relief, inflammation management, and calm. However, CBD infused drinks will take time to reach the bloodstream compared to vaping. Therefore, you can take a glass an hour before your meditation to achieve desired effects.

CBD-infused drinks can help you relax after your yoga and meditation in a way that other products cannot. About one glass of a minimum dosage of 20mg-40mg is appropriate.

  1. CDB-Infused Foods

If you prefer solid foods to drinks, you can still combine them with CBD oil. Ensure that CBD oil is one of the main ingredients in your cooking. For example, you can bake it in cakes, cookies, and muffins.

Similarly, to CBD-infused drinks, foods also take a while for the body to digest and get CBD flowing into your bloodstream. 

The best way is to eat the meal after yoga or meditation to help prolong the effects of calmness and stress relief. Alternatively, you can have a cake or a cookie an hour before exercising. CBD in food triggers feelings of relaxation and euphoria and, as such, is effective in alleviating discomfort.

  1. CBD Topicals

Yoga and meditation require several poses that even beginners must learn. When you start, it is common to experience soreness from sitting and standing styles. You can apply CBD topicals directly on the sore part to relieve pain and swelling.

The topical application ensures that CBD gets into the bloodstream through your skin. It will help your muscles to recover quickly and allow you to achieve optimum performance.

  1. CBD Tincture

These are extracts from the cannabis plant mixed with glycerine and alcohol and one consumes them the same way as CBD oil. you can put in foods and drunks, or under the tongue, depending on preference. Ensure you take the right dosage an hour before yoga or immediately after. 

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  1. Vaping

Vaping is by far one of the fastest ways of getting CBD into your bloodstream. If you want immediate effects, vape CBD a few minutes before or after yoga and meditation. Incorporating CBD vape in your routine will help to complement the benefits of yoga and meditation.

This method is not only popular but also an alternative to smoking. Some of its common benefits are its discreet nature as well as smoke-free sessions. The dosage for the vape juice depends on the concentration, body weight, and desired effects.

  1. CBD Capsules

Capsules are an excellent way of consuming CBD. They pair easily with yoga and meditation because they are easy to carry and take. However, just like drinks and food, the body must digest capsules before you feel the effects. A dosage of 40mg for beginners taken an hour before training or immediately after exercise will do the trick.


Meditation and yoga are good practices that can positively impact your physical and mental health. They help you enhance strength, flexibility, endurance, and balance. Meditating relaxes your mind keeping it sharp and stress-free. 

CBD pairs well with yoga and meditation because they have similar effects on the body. They calm the mind and help to release any tension. Once you begin, ensure that you start with small doses and increase as your body adapts. Also, choose a method that works well for you.

These are some of the ways you can add CBD to your daily yoga or meditation routine to enjoy the benefits. Just take them at least 30 minutes before starting the exercise since the effects can take time to kick in. Also, consult your doctor before you start using CBD for guidance.ย 

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