7 Ways CBD Helps You With Meditation

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Meditation helps one to go deep within their psyche. Even if one is not ritualistic in approach, they still can derive benefits from meditation therapy, which may be a better focus or at least some level of relaxation in body and mind. Meditation practices are also one of the most popular alternative people use to relieve stress and many ailments related to anxiety. 

The practitioners are experimenting and making use of herbs to enhance their overall meditation experience. After the legalization of cannabis, the use of its compounds, specifically CBD, has become a burgeoning field, as it does not show any psychoactive properties but many health benefits. Its potential benefit across the medical field is gaining much popularity. Nonetheless, its use in alternative medicines is also making the talk of the town. Let us explore in particular, the effectiveness, and the potential benefits of CBD in meditation.

  1. It can help in taming your anxiety levels.

Anxiousness may spring up as you sit down for meditation practice. Many past traumas and stress as one sit down, uncovering the deep psyche of the mind. Some people may find it difficult to center their minds for practice. In such instances, CBD that has been for its potential benefit in relieving stress and anxiety can come handily. One may vape CBD vaping oil before practice to imbibe the feeling of relaxation and calmness of the mind. 

  1. Help you get better sleep.

Sleep and meditation are deeply intertwined, as one facilitates the other. Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial for your meditation, and meditation also aids your sleeping patterns. However, if you experience insomnia for various reasons, taking CBD can help in eliminating insomnia and get you to derive the maximum benefit of your practice. Apart from helping you sleep better, CBD oil can help reduce grogginess and daytime drowsiness, hence helping you stay wakeful during the day. Better sleep and wakefulness while meditating are the key ingredients of a good meditation session. You can use cbd oil canada either orally, or as an addition to your food.

  1. It can also be helpful in treating trauma.

Some of your deep-rooted fears and trauma can surface during a meditation session. People may face severe mood swings due to depression, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s disease, schizophrenia, etc. Researches reveal that our systems show a positive response to cannabinoids. Therefore, CBD can help restore the balance in our system. It can imbibe a feeling of overall harmony and help suit your meditation needs better by relaxing your internal system.

  1. Increase physical relaxation and improve digestion.

It is almost impossible to enjoy a meditation session with a bloated stomach.  CBD may help you with gut mobility and help you with better digestion. Partaking CBD oil in the form of tincture may provide you relief from stomach stress hence, you can enjoy an uninterrupted session. 

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/r40EYKVyutI

  1. It can be used for topical applications in case of injuries or joint pain. 

A typical meditation session might require you to sit for prolonged hours. It may range between 20 to 30 minutes on average. Sometimes individuals with joint pain, chronic inflammation, and injuries can’t sit uninterruptedly for that long, so topical application of CBD oil on all pain prone areas can help soothe the pain. Thus, enable one to continue the prolonged session without a hinge or difficulty.

  1. Imbibes a happy feeling.

While the ultimate goal of meditation practices is to get you feeling of relaxation and general well being, many of the exercises, such as guided meditation and positive imagery, may boost your serotonin levels. However, if your receptivity to serotonin is low, you may not drive a happy feeling from these exercises. CBD can bind the serotonin receptors in your brain and can help your brain to respond better to this happy hormone in your system.

  1. It helps in managing brain activity.

Numerous studies indicate the role of CBD in binding GABA receptors in our brains. CBD may provide neuroprotection by reducing brain excitability. So you may benefit from vaping CBD oil before a session as it may help you settle better due to its calming properties.

Any claims about the use of CBD in meditation practice are pending, but many practitioners are making liberal use of this compound, and some of them reported a positive experience. Its potential benefits and possible use are quite high for individuals to give it a trial and see for themselves. However, if you intend to use any of the alternate medicines, it is good to speak to an expert.

This guest post was written by Crystal Willson of CBD News. You can write to her directly at  crystal.willson@cbd-news.co.