How to Live in Non-Attachment: Aparigraha in Real Life

How are you holding up? Between the full moon, elections, and colder temps, there has been a LOT to process! Thankfully, it warmed up just a bit yesterday and this weekend will be nice enough to get us acclimated a bit more to the new seasons. 

I don’t know about you, but I prefer gradual seasonal shifts, not BAM, here’s freezing when it was just 80. 

This can take on a much deeper meaning too, if you think about it, besides outdoor temperature. As humans, we like stability. We like predictability. We don’t love it when BAM things jump up and out at you, unless maybe it’s a haunted house….or maybe a surprise party, but frankly, I don’t love those either.

Yoga teaches us to not get attached to things.  I’ve talked about aparigraha a lot in emails over the last year or so. (maybe there’s a lesson here!?!?!) Aparigraha teaches us to not be attached to things, to enjoy them while they are here, and then let it go when its time for them to change.

Given the rapid state of change in the studio and our country, I thought it would be good to revisit this notion of non-attachment.

Listen, I struggle with this, big time.

I LOVE my house, I love this studio, I love my practice. Heck, I love Peter Pan Honey Roasted Peanut Butter and it’s gone missing off the shelves lately!

We lost access to our studio for 3 months this year. I hurt my hip and my shoulder this past year which limited my practice BIG TIME. My house was robbed…

I mean, there has been a LOT of practice for Aparigraha for me this year alone, and yet, here I am still struggling with being attached to these things. 

Do you have things that are causing you anxiety because you’re holding on to them when it’s time to let them go? 

You know I love being near the ocean, so one of my go to imageries is trying to let whatever it is that I’m holding on to be like a big wave coming in. (I like big waves–but not tsunami big.) I like just really cool, maybe could boogie board on it, big wave. One you can see for a while, gets you super excited, about then you gotta kick / work for just a bit to catch and then, as the wave comes in, enjoy the ride. As the wave pulls back from the shore, I watch it. I mean, I can’t hold on to it anyways, right?

This imagery helped me a lot this year, as I struggled with letting go of so many “safeties” this year. 
Reminding you to run with the waves
When You Let Go, You Create Space For Something Better
As you navigate the changes that are coming, be sure to remember that space created is space for something new.
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