8 Surprising Benefits of Using CBD with Yoga for Depression


Genes, trauma, gender, drug abuse, severe illness, unbearable pain, and many other social, biological, and physical factors can cause depression. 

According to the World Health Organization, almost 300 million worldwide are suffering from this intense mental health issue and is the second leading cause of death due to related suicides. Overwhelming feelings like loneliness, fear, grief, etc., that stays for a long time can generate a loss of interest in life. This hampers with normal day-to-day schedules and often leads to depression. Additionally, symptoms vary from anxiety, loss of appetite, change in behavior, and low energy levels, to unusual sleep patterns and other behavioral and cognitive issues. 


Depression with its unpredictable symptoms is difficult to cure. Conventional treatments can be expensive and sometimes less effective. Thus, many people are resorting to a more holistic approach of self-care – Yoga. Meaning ‘to unite,’ yoga is the unity between mind and body through the practice of different physical postures with meditation and deep breathing. 


Holistic approaches to health and well-being involve a new treatment option –  Cannabidiol (CBD) – that has abundant medical and therapeutic properties and is the active, non-psychoactive component in cannabis. 

Cosmetics, pain-relieving creams, edibles, beverages, or oils, CBD can be infused in almost every daily product. CBD activates the Endocannabinoid System to regulate certain physiological functions like metabolism, sleep, pain, mood, cardiovascular system, and other vital functions. CBD works with the endocannabinoid receptors to modulate these functions and hence, it helps in the smooth running of the body. With the legalization of cannabis, companies are introducing a variety of quality cannabis products that are procured organically. With an online presence, a simple click of CBD oil near me leads to some of the best products of trusted companies. 

CBD, Yoga and Depression

CBD, when paired with yoga, is a perfect combination of a holistic approach to treatment for depression. It can reduce the impact of anxiety, stress, and soothes the body and mind. It enhances the feeling of relaxation, generates proper sleep, energizes the body, and works on solving diverse physical and behavioral complications. So does the CBD and together with yoga, it forms an intense pair of harmony and tranquility between mind and physical being. 

Here are 8 surprising benefits of unity between yoga and CBD that can provide long-term relief for people who fight depression every day.

  1. CBD-Yoga Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety is the apprehensions of the future. When uncontrolled it can become a serious threat to mental health and often results in depression. CBD is said to interact with specific receptors of the body to reduce anxiety and relax the mind. Simultaneously,  yoga asanas-like breathing exercises and meditation can release tension from the mind, alleviates anxiety, and calms it. Hence, the association between CBD and yoga can elevate the potential benefits of mental health by efficiently reducing anxiety. 

  1. CBD-Yoga Alleviates Behavioral Issues

Depression and behavioral issues go hand-in-hand and are interdependent to some extent. People suffering from depression often show agitations, persistent crying, restlessness, or social isolation. A study shows that CBD is anxiolytic and minimizes social phobia. Following the therapeutic property of CBD, yoga techniques and Pranayama can control the behavioral problems encountered by depression.

  1. CBD-Yoga Helps with Sleep Disorders

Sleep and depression are overlapping disorders. Research shows that 88 percent of people undergoing depression can suffer from insomnia and 27 percent can show excessive sleepiness. Anxiety is a dominant factor that often triggers Insomnia, which results in aggravating the depression. So, yoga and CBD independently can reduce anxiety and promote quality sleep. When combined, they may provide a better sleep routine. 

  1. CBD-Yoga Manages Appetite Changes

One of the most common signs of depression is appetite change. Whereas some people might show loss of appetite, others have an increase in appetite. CBD and Yoga can control both. Together, they regulate the body processes that can control appetite variations.

  1. CBD-Yoga Fights Fatigue

Although no study supports that CBD reduces fatigue, it can reduce sleeplessness, stress, and even improve appetite, which are the recurrent problems of depression and associated fatigue. As per an article, the daily practice of Yoga can also energize the body and mind and helps to relieve chronic fatigue syndrome. Therefore, yoga with CBD can mitigate fatigue and restore energy. 

  1. CBD-Yoga Controls Weight Management

CBD with Yoga can boost metabolism, promote browning of the cells, and decrease appetite, thus decreasing the body weight. But with improved digestion and optimum metabolism, both can increase weight. Therefore, the combination of CBD and yoga proves to be perfect for regulating weight for those with depression. 

  1. CBD-Yoga Diminishes Cognitive Deficit

Depression is often known as emotional dysfunction but it can have various cognitive changes as well. Lack of concentration, decision-making abilities, memory-related problems, and suicidal thoughts are associated with chronic depression. According to a study, the antipsychotic property of CBD can help boost mental health by reducing cognitive impairment and assists in minimizing the extremity of depression. Similarly, yoga asanas can also improve cognitive functioning like memory, or attention, and induce positive thoughts and create a calm mind.  

  1. CBD-Yoga Decreases the Longing for Substance Abuse

Depression and substance abuse is a bidirectional disorder. People battling with depression often take refuge in drugs. Similarly, drug addiction, more likely, can lead to depression. A row of mental and physical maladies become a part of life during this period. Yoga and CBD both help deal with stress and anxiety that involves addiction and can decrease the craving for drugs.

A Worthy Takeaway

CBD, being a natural ingredient, is the best fit with a traditional yoga routine. Cooperatively, they develop a restorative way of life. Regular practice of both can bring balance in the body and show instant results in restoring vitality. The synergy between yoga and CBD can improve self-acceptance in people suffering from various mental health problems, one being depression. 

Remember, like any other medicinal drug, CBD works effectively with proper dosing. It’s also advisable to take a recommended dose to avoid certain innocuous side-effects. 

Taking time to care for physical and mental health can make life stress-free and easier. Plus, amalgamating CBD and yoga with self-care is the ultimate, natural way to achieve this goal efficiently.