A Review of CBDistillery 2500 mg CBD Oil Review

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The CBDistillery 2500 mg CBD oil is one of CBDistillery’s most concentrated full spectrum tinctures. This product is for people with significant pain or health issues, but can definitely be used in lower doses for individuals with less severe symptoms. The CBDistillery 2500 mg full spectrum CBD comes in at an amazing price of $130 USD according to their website

CBDistillery, the Company

CBDistillery is a Colorado company that uses non certified organic US. Grown Hemp that is CBD CO2 extracted and then 3rd party tested.  The test results are available on their website. The corporate vision is to supply a wide variety of high quality CBD at prices everyone can afford, which is evident considering their prices come in usually between 20-30% lower than other similarly concentrated products.

Everything You Should Know about the CBDistillery 2500 mg Full Spectrum CBD oil

This product is a CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD tincture that is naturally flavored (meaning no added flavors) and uses Coconut Oil as its base. In each 1 ml suggested serving size you get 83 mg of full spectrum CBD, definitely a very strong dose, more suitable to individuals with significant health requirements.

Because the CBDistillery 2500 mg CBD oil is full spectrum, the company’s CO2 processing maintains the integrity of all the compounds found within the Cannabis plant.  When left intact, these compounds like Cannabinoids, Terpenes, Flavinoids, etc. work together in what is known as the “entourage effect.” 

CBDistillery Stats

  • Naturally Flavored
  • Contains only Fractionated Coconut Oil and Full spectrum Hemp Extract.
  • Suggested Serving Size is 1 ml
  • 1 Serving Size Contains 83 mg of Full Spectrum CBD
  • Comes in a 30 ml (or 1 oz) bottle
  • Total amount of CBD inside the bottle 2500
  • Coconut Oil Carrier Oil
  • Test Results are available online
  • Uses non-certified organic and GMO free American Grown Hemp

Let’s talk about CBDistillery 2500 mg CBD oil

How does it Look?

Each 30 ml bottle of the CBDistillery 2500 mg CBD oil comes in a matching box.  Both are white and coral and have the total amount of CBD per Dose highlighted prominently across the front of the box and bottle in a dark grey color. They both have recommended serving size and a supplementation guide. Keep in mind, there is no QR code on the box to find the 3rd party test results, you’ll have to go to the website for that.  Inside the box, you’ll find a pamphlet about CBDistillery, a little about CBD and then how you can take the supplement.

What Happened When I Took CBDistillery 2500 mg 

CBDistillery 2500 mg Full Spectrum CBD tastes and smells like….

Well, this may sound rather obvious, but since this is a non-flavored product, the CBDistillery 2500 mg Full Spectrum CBD oil tastes like cannabis. In other words, it’s very earthy / plant like.  It smells a LOT like marijuana when you open it up and it is a lighter amber color.

What did it do to me?

I normally don’t take more than 10-20 mg of Full Spectrum CBD at one time, so the one time I took a full dropper–it was more like ¾ full, I basically fell asleep.  I typically take ¼ a dropper to relieve my chronic pain. It is so concentrated, it sorta made my lip go numb when I inadvertently spilled some on it.

The benefits of this supplement lasted me all day.  I started to feel the effects within 30 minutes. When I don’t take too much, it helps me to relax and it helps to remove any of the pain I have whether it’s from old injuries or new. I definitely am calmer and a bit nicer when I take ¼ dropper.  

CBDistillery 2500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Summary

What You Get with Your Purchase

The CBDistillery 2500 mg full spectrum CBD Oil is a very concentrated product that is great for folks that are dealing with significant health issues.  I have had clients successfully come off of strong narcotics simply using the recommended dose of 1 ml (which is about 83 mg of CBD.) Within the last few months, CBDistillery dropped their price, making this an amazing deal for such a strong concentration.

What’s to Love about CBDistillery 2500 mg CBD Oil 

This product has an AMAZING value per mg of CBD.  If you need a super concentrated product, this will certainly come in at the bottom of the price point for you.  The company also makes it very easy to understand what you are getting and I appreciate their transparency and dedication to affordability.

What’s Not to Love about CBDistillery 2500 mg CBD oil

Here’s the truth, if you are not one of the sorts of people that loves the way that Cannabis smells and tastes, this product is going to be a little challenging to consume.  It has a very distinct and strong plant flavor. Because this is more value based, it also doesn’t seem to be as strong as other similarly concentrated products, but it comes in way below the competitor’s price.

Key Take Aways from This Review On CBDistillery 2500 mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil 

  • Each 1ml dose contains 83 mg of CBD
  • 30 ml bottle
  • No added flavors

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