What is Aerial Yoga?

by Rebecca Balch RYT 200
  When I tell people that I teach aerial yoga, I often get asked that question. At first, I would say that its basic Hatha yoga using the aerial sling as a prop. I have taught aerial yoga that way for years. I had training that focused on individual poses. However, there was no flow from pose to pose. I developed my class to have a feeling of Vinyasa flow. Using the slings helps tremendously with balance and alignment. There are some poses that are more challenging to your strength, which is another good reason to do aerial yoga. There are also some stretches that allow you to go deeper into opening up your hips or back, so I’m developing a yin class. The third reason to do aerial yoga is the thrill of hanging upside down. I am a student of aerial circus arts, so I teach a class on intermediate poses that shows the more playful side of aerial yoga.

So now when people ask what is aerial yoga, I say that it can be whatever you need. If you want deep stretches in a relaxing  environment, there will be a yin aerial yoga class for you. You will have positions that are low to the floor that allow you to relax into the softness of the slings. We focus on the use gravity and the students’  relaxation to open up the hips and back in a deep but gentle way. A few of the optional suspended poses allow the spine to lengthen and restore the spinal fluid. You would end in a floating cocoon for final savasana.

If you want to vary your traditional yoga practice with the use of the slings, there is an aerial yoga class for that. It will help to develop strength, alignment and balance. You start with warm up stretches, go through flow sequences, core work, balance poses, inversions and gentle stretches. Each class would vary slightly depending on what the students wish to focus on.  The best part is that, like traditional yoga practices, all positions can be modified to best suit your body’s strength and flexibility.

Finally, if you dream of being in the circus, you will be amazed at the cool poses you can safely achieve in your first class. We offer these classes once a month at Yoga East and they always fill up quickly. I encourage you to take pictures of each other at the end of class, so you can impress your friends with your new circus talents!


If you have ever thought about trying this super fun style of yoga, don't hesitate!  You will challenge your mind and body in new and creative ways, and have a little fun while doing it! 

PLUS, you can also have your very own Aerial Yoga Private Party!  These fun events are hosted in studio for you and a few of your favorite friends.  You'll get the studio all to yourself, and the ability to flip and fly with those nearest and dearest.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out anytime.  You can always check our schedule for the latest class updates as well.