Thrive Yoga Giveback to Get More

Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500

Let’s talk about a cool Amazon program to support Thrive Yoga. Now that the kids are back in school and life slowly starts to get a sense of order and routine, I thought I would introduce you to a really cool program that I recently came across and have officially signed Thrive Yoga and Wellness into as an effort to help continue to build out our amazing space, products and services.

Do you shop on Amazon?  Oh my goodness, unless it’s perishable, it basically comes to my doorstep in a brown box, with that familiar Amazon tape along the outside of it.  Amazon is a Godsend! Well, did you know there was a way you could shop on Amazon like you always do–without it costing you a single penny more, that could actually give back to your favorite studio?  Seriously!!

Have you noticed that several of our most recent posts have included links to Amazon products?  That’s because Amazon has a program called The Amazon Associates Program.  It’s typically used for online retailers and big bloggers to help generate income from websites that get lots of traffic, but it can also be used by all of us here at Thrive Yoga and Wellness to help raise money for the studio to help purchase more props for your classes, to help purchase things like mats and supplies for our community outreach programs, it can even help to fund the continuation of the programs that we are piloting across our area!

It’s seriously so easy.  The next time you need a refill on Laundry Detergent, or you think you need a new pair of super cute yoga leggings, just be sure to go to any Amazon link from that you see on the Thrive Yoga and Wellness Website!  It doesn’t have to be a link for anything you are looking for at the moment–so you may see a link for Mason Jars in a recent blog post–if you go to Amazon from the Thrive Website, anything you buy on Amazon that day will contribute to the Thrive Yoga and Wellness Studio Fund.

Ok, so we’re not talking like millions of dollars here–more like fractions of dollars–but every single penny helps.  Every time you shop on Amazon, buying things you would typically buy anyways, you could be giving back! Yup, the Thrive Community could receive a very small portion of the value of the purchase in an account on Amazon that we will use in the studio–whether it is the extra neck pillows you want for that restorative class, or the eye pillows you’ve been wanting to try, or–maybe it’s the extra bolsters and blankets we need for our ladies at one of the outreach programs we have in the community–or maybe it’s props for our kids down at Washington Alternative!  Every purchase you already make on Amazon could help contribute to a greater cause.

Talk about taking your yoga off the mat!

Here’s the thing–it doesn’t take much at all–just make sure you go to make any of your Amazon purchases from any Amazon link that you find on the Thrive Yoga and Wellness website pages.  You can go straight to Amazon from the Thrive website, search for what you want (even if it has nothing to do with the link), and buy what you need.  Your purchase doesn’t cost you a penny more, Amazon builds these “associate” fees into all our purchases. The fees are added to the Thrive Yoga and Wellness Account and will be used for all things THRIVE.  

I want to be completely transparent with you all.  I LOVE working in the community. I LOVE that we have teachers that want to donate their time, energy, and knowledge to help make those around them actually be better because yoga can do that.  All of these efforts though, they take resources. No, a good yoga class doesn’t need the best mat, 2 bolsters, a blanket, and a strap, BUT–a yoga class that includes 1 or more pregnant women–it certainly could be useful to help them experience a little relaxation, in an otherwise chaotic, and seemingly out of control world, which could help them stay on the path to recovery.  Yes, a Bolster can do that! –and yes, your teachers here at Thrive Yoga and Wellness are doing just that–teaching people that desperately need the practice. We will continue to serve our community with the resources we have available, but wouldn’t it be awesome, if something you were already doing could maybe help those women? No, our kids down at Washington Alternative School don’t need a block to learn how to practice yoga, but wouldn’t it be cool if each child that had the opportunity to practice had their own block to help them into a pose they thought they’d never do, which helps build the confidence they so desperately need to succeed in a world that seems to be going against them?  You could help–and you don’t even need to buy the block, you could buy the hard to find seasoning you were already gonna buy–but from a link off the Thrive Website, and you’d be helping to buy that child a block to use during Yoga Class!

Ok–so let me show you how you can help Give Back.

  1. Decide you need to order something for your home, family, pet, –whatever you need off Amazon.
  2. Go to the Thrive Yoga and Wellness Blog site and click on the very first Amazon link you find in a blog post (I promise to put at least one in every post from now on, to make things easier).  
  3. Search for what you need in the Amazon page that pops up.
  4. Purchase what you need, plus the other 3 things that caught your eye when you were scrolling.  (I’m not judging!)
  5. That’s it!  

A very small portion of that purchase goes into a Thrive Yoga and Wellness account that will be used for all things Thrive related.  I promise to use the proceeds to help in the causes that we contribute to throughout the community, in the things that we need inside the studio, and to help create more opportunities for this wonderful, caring community to truly help spread the message of yoga — and it’s peace, it’s ability to improve, —the yoga that we all come to practice and experience throughout our Chattanooga area–and who knows, maybe, hopefully beyond!

Thank you so much for helping our community to Thrive!!!