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Yoga Basics: Airplane Pose or Dekasana Helping your core and balance in one posture

Balance. Everyone LOVES TO HATE IT.  Working your balance every single day is important especially as we age, because every 11 seconds, a senior falls. Even if you’re not a senior, the more you work your balance, the better it’ll be throughout your whole life!  Here’s the best bonus for balance: it’s core work too!  […]

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Yoga Basics: Chair Pose or Utkatasana Everyone’s Favorite Least Favorite Pose

Are you looking for a super strengthening pose that’ll also challenge your balance and your willpower? Well, look no further, come and practice Chair Pose! In this tutorial, you will learn all about chair pose, or Utkatasana in sanskrit.  This is a basic yoga pose found in many different types of yoga classes and has […]

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Yoga Basics: Best Hip Opening Pose to Help Reduce Lower Back Pain, Fire Log or Agnistambhasana

Hey! Have you subscribed to our Youtube Channel yet?  You should! Did you know sometimes you can get low back pain because your hips and low back are too tight? Depending on your genetics, lifestyle, etc, the muscles around your hips, pelvis and low back can either just develop very tight or become very tight.  […]

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Yoga Basics: Dolphin Pose The secret weapon to unlocking your stiff shoulders and improving posture!

Do you suffer from stiff shoulders or maybe you struggle with standing up straight?  Well, this Tutorial is for YOU! Join Jennifer Dixon with Thrive Yoga and Wellness and Thrive Online  for this Yoga Basics tutorial where you will learn all about dolphin pose, a great shoulder strength builder and mobility maker!  The bonus is […]

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