Can CBD hemp cream benefit your muscles?

The advent of the 21st century has coincided with an increasingly hectic life. Technological advancement leads to simpler things but life has gotten faster at the same time. Studies suggest that e-commerce is growing rapidly and that the pandemic has further accelerated this increase. The current pandemic has evidently proved to increase the consumption of … Read more

Epic mom failure disclosure alert

So Fridays are now the days that i take my kids to their school. We are doing Classical Conversations. It’s their first year. We love it there! I had special plans for a play date after school (including a skipped nap!!)  The kids were super excited (I mean, school day is their favorite, but combined … Read more

Yoga off the Mat and in the Trees

Yesterday I got the chance to take my kiddos hiking (one of my favorite things outside of yoga and Pilates). I hope that our semi-regular outings 1) get those little munchkins’ wiggles out 2) fosters a love for the great outdoors and 3) gets them used to playing in the dirt because, quite frankly, I … Read more