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Yoga Basics: How to Reduce your Lower Back Pain through Locust Pose or Shalambasana

Hey! Have you subscribed to our Youtube Channel yet?  You should! Oftentimes, low back pain can be associated with weakened abdominal and back muscles.   When the muscles that support our structure (our bones, in this case, our back) are compromised due to inactivity, the support our spine desperately needs for stability is gone which can […]

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Aging Mindfully: What is Mindful Aging and Why is it Important?

Photo Credit: Pexels  Often times, aging holds a negative connotation, things like health decline, lifestyle limitations, and more tend to be focused on rather than more optimistic outcomes like free time, extra travel, or learning something new. If you accept this more conventional approach to aging, you probably envision a future filled with limitations on […]

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