Thrive Online Your Yoga Membership at Home

Oh man, have you ever had one of those weeks where it’s like all your best efforts –I don’t want to say END in disaster, but certainly include a lot of disastrous moments and hair pulling outcomes?  

Dude, I SWEAR that was my experience times 100.

As you know, the goal was to stream classes live to our YOUTUBE channel starting on Tuesday.  (Make sure you subscribe to the Thrive Channel so you can be the first to know when we have new content!)

Anyways, after gentle prodding from some mentors of mine to move forward on this project I’ve been stalling for MONTHS, I found a great deal on a new Gopro.  I played with it over the weekend and had everything set up and ready to go when I discovered two things that were tragically wrong–Youtube changed their streaming policies from the last time I had tried to do this (we can’t stream live from a “mobile” device until we have 1000 subscribers–so if you haven’t, subscribe!) AND–it dawned on me that the gopro battery life is about 5-10 minutes shorter than our class times, and I can’t charge and stream if we have a microphone for the teacher.  

This ALL came out –per usual–about 3 or 4 hours before I was supposed to stream the first class.  (nothing like waiting til the last minute!!)

I’m working on the whole “planning and preparation thing”  it’s a #goal.

SOOOOO, we didn’t stream our videos on youtube-instead (and at the very last minute) the class was streamed on Facebook (if you haven’t liked and followed us there, you should totally do that too!)  This meant a couple of extra steps to get the videos to Youtube and a WHOLE lot of lost time.

Not gonna lie, I wanted to quit MORE than once.  Seriously. At one point I asked my husband if we could just sell everything and move to an island with no technology and just “live off the grid”  (he rolled his eyes, naturally). Apparently he knows my inclination for air conditioning and microwaves. 🙂

At any rate, between the hours of self loathing and technology rage, hopefully you saw the 3 classes that we streamed, (we have one more coming tonight with Evangeline at 5:15!) the show, in fact, did go on.

Just like the Kip song, I still Love Technology, Always and Forever…

You may be asking

WHY go through all this to go online?  

Well, that’s because

  1. I think it’s an awesome way to help you get your yoga in, when you can’t get to the studio!  I know, life is busy, but I don’t want your busy schedule to keep you from practicing.
  2. I also know all about budgets and balancing the “B” word.  

Online classes is the goal of Thrive, to help meet both of those needs.

The GOAL is to have an online platform you can join to get your Thrive Yoga (and coming soon, Pilates!) sessions in –for all those times you can’t make it in!  Over the past year I have been diligently building up a library of content on our Youtube Channel. You will get organized access to the best of that content and MORE through Thrive Online, So stay tuned, get subscribed to our social media channels, and come and practice with us in studio or virtually, very soon!

Thrive Online is Real, and it’s COMING!  Stay Tuned, I can’t wait to introduce you to it very soon!