Cancer: A Survival Story pt 6

By Marcia Dorris (forward by Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500 MBA) – Foreward:  I hope that the last few weeks have been beneficial for you as you got to know Marcia and her beautiful family while they grow together and learn more about alternative ways to fight and beat the “C” word.  Marcia continues to be an amazing presence of happiness and peace as they go through this journey together and I just want to say how grateful I am to have the privilege to get to know her and her sweet daughters through Thrive Yoga and Wellness Yoga Classes.  If you’re like me, you see this post title and a lump comes up in your throat but at the same time, a shimmer of hope and happiness comes in too.  I’ve really loved learning more about the options available for treatments of the “C” word, and I am proud to say we will be partnering with this sweet family and their doctor this holiday season to help them continue their fight.  Stay tuned for more information.

Our Cancer Journey by Marcia Dorris

Even before we got the diagnosis we made the decision to approach this as a family. It was an unspoken agreement. We were all in it together. We went as a family to almost every doctor appointment. This situation brought our family even closer than we had ever been before.

We discussed the options as a family and reached a decision for treatment as a family. We were all in agreement as to what course of treatment we needed to seek.

I had mentioned in an earlier post that we wanted to take her to an alternative cancer center in Mexico. This was our dream but at the same time, it was a scary thought too. I mean we live in America where we are supposed to have excellent medical care, right? I kept asking myself how crazy am I to choose a clinic in Tijuana, Mexico over anything we have to offer in the states but I knew in my gut this is where she needed to go.

I had read about many people who had sarcomas and treated them with chemo only to have them return within months. I wanted Kelsey to have the best chance possible at a long healthy and happy life and I knew in this situation chemo would not give her that. Before we made our final decision I began contacting people that had been to the cancer center where we wanted to take her. So many of them responded and told me they had wonderful experiences there, many of them have no signs of cancer anymore and several of them had seen vast improvements. Not one person told me I shouldn’t go.

I called the cancer center and spoke to an oncologist about my daughter’s case. They told me they have had success with this type of cancer. So we made the decision to travel to Mexico to the Hoxsey BioMedical Center.

Even before we actually arrived at the center we were filled with hope and encouragement. We were on the shuttle bus with other people going to the medical center. We met a couple who told us how the husband had been diagnosed with colon cancer 2.5 years ago. The only thing his doctors offered him was a complete irreversible colostomy. He told his wife he would rather die than live like that. He had a large tumor in his colon. They started researching alternatives and settled on Hoxsey. Within 6 months of being on the treatment, his tumor shrank 50% and is totally gone now.

We met another couple who had been there 35yrs ago with the wife’s dad who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He was cured and had died just a few years ago from old age. The husband had just been diagnosed with prostate cancer and knew he had to go to Hoxsey. We also met a man there who had been diagnosed with sarcoma cancer. The first time he went the conventional route and had chemo, he also had part of his arm amputated. He said not long after he finished his chemo treatments the cancer returned. Then he decided to treat it with diet and he was able to go into remission until he quit the diet then the cancer returned. This was his third round of this type of cancer. He decided to try Hoxsey out after researching it. He also told Kelsey the treatment would work much better for her since she had not taken chemo. The Hoxsey protocol treats cancer from the cellular level. It also works on cancer stem cells so it stops the cancer before it becomes an issue.

Something I noticed when we first walked in was how comforting and peaceful the place is. Everyone was talking and sharing their stories. The atmosphere in this clinic was the complete opposite of cancer centers in America. Everyone was talking smiling, laughing and hopeful. In the typical American cancer center, the atmosphere is very oppressive and depressing. Typical American cancer centers treat you with surgery, chemo, and radiation only. At Hoxsey their treatment plan consists of nutrition and natural medications that won’t harm your body. These are medications that have been successful in many patients. Many people have had their cancer go away and not return. I have read where they have something like an 80% cure rate. The cure rate for chemo is 2%.

When we first got to Hoxsey they took her back and did bloodwork (the oncologist here had not taken one drop of blood to check her levels) and a urinalysis and also took her health records. We were then free to go to breakfast at the diner on site or sit by the pool. They studied her health records and test results and came up with a treatment plan designed specifically for the type of cancer she was diagnosed with. They prescribed her the black tonic, some immune supporting supplements and some Chinese herbs that have been known to kill sarcoma cancer cells. The doctor seemed very wise and knowledgeable about this particular type of cancer.

We are using several different natural type treatments to help Kelsey beat this cancer. She sees a nutritionist/holistic doctor regularly here. This Dr is in contact with the oncologist at Hoxsey to be sure anything extra she prescribes doesn’t interfere with their treatment plan. She takes CBD oil, high vitamin C and D, she’s on a very specific diet, she has been instructed to get plenty of rest because this is when your body does most of its healing and we try to keep her life as stress-free as possible. The more stress you experience the greater your risk for illness.

Also, you can call the Hoxsey clinic before business hours Monday thru Friday and talk to your doctor anytime you have questions or any issues arise. There are so many type cancers they have huge success with. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer please do your research. Find out just how successful chemo is with this specific type of cancer. Also, check to see if there are any alternative options that have been successful as well. Weigh out your options carefully. Educate yourself and learn as much as possible. Arm yourself with good questions you need to ask your oncologist.

Two websites I would highly recommend to anyone diagnosed with cancer are:
www.thetruthaboutcancer.com and www.chrisbeatcancer.com
There is so much good well-researched information on both these websites. If you would like to talk to me to ask me more questions or to just get some support, please feel free to contact me anytime through the studio at info@thriveyogaandwellness.com.  Jennifer is much better at checking emails and she will be sure to get me your contact info quickly.  I look forward to being a service to you.