Cannabis Benefits For Skin Care -Learn The Magical Facts

When I turned 30, I started noticing changes in my skin. I was still suffering from the cystic acne I had been battling since I was 12, but now, I was also seeing those dreaded “fine” (I can’t see ANYTHING fine about them) lines around my eyes. I started a mission to figure out natural ways to help when I stumbled upon Face Oils and using essential oils in my face oils to help with everything from acne to age related “issues.”

Now, it’s over 10 years later and I have never looked back. I have made my own oils, expirementing with blends of oils, essential oils, or just using plain. I can honestly say my skin looks better now than it did when I was in my 20s because now, I know how to balance everything (hey, there’s some yoga for you!) and combine ingredients that seem to be perfect for me! A couple of years ago, CBD started really being popular. In fact, my dad grew something like 350 different plants a few years ago. He had a plethora of extras around, which got me to thinking….

If CBD can help inflammation, can it help with skin inflammation…Inside I’m saying a secret prayer about my “bags…” (insert eye roll here). ๐Ÿ™‚

So when Sophia asked if she could contribute an article about Cannabis and skincare, I was ecstatic to see what she had compiled. I just created a batch of faceoils infused with coffee for the caffiene effect, and so now I’m excited to combine caffiene AND cannabis. What do you think? Time is gonna ravage us all, but maybe this little plant can help us fight back? Read on to find out more.

Skin is the largest organ of your body and is responsible for physical defense. Your vital organs are prone to microbial attacks and harmful environmental agents, but, the skin acts as a protective shield against the harmful external factors that influence your health. To keep the defense mechanisms intact, you need to practice regular skincare. That’s where the role of herbal supplements like cannabis comes into the picture. You can use cannabis-infused products to curb the signs of inflammation. Along with this, it strengthens the protective barrier and reduces the frequency of breakouts.

Here’s precisely how cannabis-infused skincare nourishes your skin as well as vital organs.

What Is Cannabis?


Cannabis is a plant native to South and East Asia. It possesses a variety of therapeutic properties due to the medicinal chemicals present in the herbal parts. Also, the constituents like cannabidiol interact with human receptors and ensure a state of holistic wellness. You can use cannabis-infused products to curb pain, reduce anxious thoughts, and improve skin texture. Make sure to include the premium quality autoflower seeds in your wellness routine in various ways from the best cannabis concentrates in canada, like CBD skincare and cannabis morning beverages.ย If you have any questions about CBD (the legal form of cannabis here in the states, you can always check out our CBD selection

Cannabis & Skin Care

Are you wondering how cannabis extracts act as a potent aid for your skin? The herb is rich in phytocannabinoids like cannabidiol that regulate the activity of cannabinoid receptors. Also, it seeps into the skin pores and may control the inflammatory processes in your skin cells. The anti-inflammatory effects of the cannabis constituents might help you get rid of mild to moderate acne issues. Cannabis extracts soothe sensitive skin and hydrate the skin cells for a longer duration. Hence, it proves to be therapeutic for almost every skin type.

Benefits Of Cannabis Skin Care


There’s no doubt that cannabis skincare nourishes, hydrates, and calms your skin. In addition, these chemicals may reduce acne breakouts and moisturize the skin follicles.ย 

  1. Acne

Do you experience frequent acne breakouts and related bumps? Acne is a common problem amongst both genders and may affect your physical as well as mental health. Due to the harsh external factors like pollen and dust, your skin pores may undergo blockage. Also, it initiates an inflammatory reaction in your skin cells and accelerates the replication of bacterias. As a result, you experience signs of inflammation in the form of bumps and acne. With cannabis skincare, the acne issues may subside due to anti-inflammatory effects. Cannabidiol curbs oxidative damage and reduces the effects of microbial replication on your skin follicles.

  1. Anti-Aging Effects

Aging is inevitable and affects your skin texture as well as quality. If you’re prone to the signs of aging, then you may try out the herbal skincare regime. Cannabis skincare may enhance your skin quality and reduce the signs of aging. Also, it interacts with the motor receptors and might increase the elasticity of facial musculature. Such effects control the appearance of fine lines and prevent sagging of the skin with age. You can use cannabis-infused lotions or oils to massage your face now and then. It boosts the blood circulation in the facial region and reduces the signs of aging.

  1. Controls Skin Inflammation

Inflammatory disorders can affect the functions of your vital organs, including the skin. Some common skin inflammatory disorders may affect you on a physical and mental level. The diseases like dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis degrade your appearance and the quality of your skin. Also, the flaky and dry skin becomes prone to microbial attacks and other harsh factors. You can use cannabis-infused products to ease the signs of inflammation. Cannabidiol acts on the skin follicles and prevents the accumulation of oxygen free radicals. As a result, you might not experience the symptoms related to excessive skin inflammation.

How To Use Cannabis For Your Skin?


When it comes to using cannabis extracts for your skin, you must research well in advance. Cannabis constituents work the best when used in the ideal mode of administration and dosage. Some effective cannabis skincare products are massage oils, tinctures, and pills. You can either choose the full-spectrum oils or the broad-spectrum ones. While the former contains all the hemp constituents, including THC, the latter is rich in cannabidiol, terpenes, and flavonoids without any THC. Other than the skin products, you may try eye creams containing a mixture of cannabis and other herbal components.

Some practical ways to use cannabis products are bath bombs, soaps, and body lotions. Not only will it nourish your skin, but it also locks in more moisture in the skin cells. Don’t forget to practice the skincare regime on a long-term basis for effective and nourishing effects.

Final Verdict

Skincare is one of the most crucial components of your daily life due to your skin cellsโ€™ high demands. You need to incorporate a herbal skincare regime that cleanses the pores and nourishes your skin. One such herbal therapy is cannabis skincare that induces anti-inflammatory effects. Also, it may curb the signs of inflammation like redness, bumps, and painful breakouts. Cannabidiol slows down the signs of aging and is likely to boost your skin quality up to a great extent. But, you might need to practice skincare for a long duration. Not only will it promote the quality of your skin, but it also leads to wholesome salubrity.