3 Ways To Protect Your Health After Retirement

Reaching retirement brings with it a new sense of freedom and independence for many elderly people. After years of working shifts, early starts, painful commutes, and navigating office politics ex-workers can enjoy the finer things in life and rely on their pension and personal savings for income. That said, as you approach retirement age, looking … Read more

Natural Ways To Improve Digestion

We all go through periods of our lives where we experience digestive issues. Whether you are nervous about a job interview or you are awaiting news of a new mortgage, stress on the body can have an impact on your digestive system. Have you ever heard of “nervous movements”? It’s when your body responds to … Read more

Strategies For Sticking To Your Fitness Goals

(PxHere CC0) Many of us begin our fitness journeys with good intentions. With the knowledge that keeping fit is the path towards a happier and healthier life, we map out a plan to achieve a certain goal. And some of us stick to our fitness routines and hit the targets that we set out at … Read more

How To Improve Your Wellbeing When Working Shifts

How To Improve Your Wellbeing When Working Shifts The working world is a very different one today than it was just a few years ago, and shift work, which was something reserved for relatively few careers such as nursing, retail, or catering, has now become much more widespread. In fact, I worked swing shifts for … Read more

Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

Image from pexels The spine and back muscles support much of the body’s weight during everyday activities such as walking and sitting. Unfortunately, these critical body parts are also highly susceptible to chronic pain and injury. Lower back pain is a typical physical problem experienced by people worldwide, and it can be debilitating. Research shows … Read more

Simple Tips For A Happier And Healthier Life

It can feel as though maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge that is impossible to live up to within the realities of daily life. It can be hard to keep up with the demands of work, eating healthily, training, spending time with your loved ones, and other wellness practices. Healthy living can incorporate all … Read more