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Oregon Trail CBD Pre-Rolls

By Jennifer Dixon MBA, ERYT 500, Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher  With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill back in December, the market for CBD, or Cannabis products has exploded.  What used to be pretty hard to come by just a year ago- now has a variety as big as the best Buffet in town. […]

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Yoga Strong: Upper Body Strength Building Drills: A Yoga Inspired How To with quick exercises to build your upper body strength to help you reach your inversion asana goals

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga I know you’ve seen it online—some beautifully set image of a girl that seems to be floating in the air on just her forearms (hands tutorial is coming soon!) doing these amazing feats of physical prowess.  Oh, I know you have because I’ve seen those […]

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8 Things to Know About Meditation for Better Health

Meditation works. From being a renowned spiritual exercise of eastern religions to being a secret mind conditioning tool used in both the military and corporate leadership, meditation has bee used in different cultures and settings. Countless scientific studies have already shown that its positive mental and physiological effects and we’re making a short-list of the […]

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2 How to Understand CBD Product and Dosage Measurements

How to Understand CBD Product and Dosage MeasurementsBy James DixonThere are a number of obstacles to gaining a clear understanding of CBD products, hemp, and cannabis in general. Among the chief obstacles is the near total lack of consistent, standardized, universally accepted terminology. The easiest of these to tackle is the confusion surrounding product quantity […]

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Smart and Simple Self-Care Practices That Boost Mental Health

Image courtesy of Pixabay Smart and Simple Self-Care Practices That Boost Mental Health Are you looking for easy self-care methods that help you feel better?  Some of the best answers for solving that puzzle are surprisingly simple.  Here are some uncomplicated self-care practices that can provide tremendous returns.   De-stress by decluttering Chances are you […]

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