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Raise Your Floor: How overcoming fears and insecurities can increase your potential

As this week started, several super awesome projects started either getting finished up or finally getting started.  I’m talking THREE big, HUGE deals finally came to fruition–all at the same time (isn’t that funny how that seems to happen?)  As I was sitting down trying to go over my “list” of things to do to […]

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7 Keys to Increase Productivity

This article first appeared on and was edited and reformated by Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 We’ve all had those days when we feel like we are not accomplishing anything no matter how hard we work. With Looming deadlines, increasing workload, multitasking and stress…these all disrupt our productivity leading us to find a way […]

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How to Backbend: The Safest Way to Practice Backbends like Urdvha Dhanurasana and Ustrasana (Wheel & Camel)

Backbends–Everyone loves to hate them. It’s pretty easy to see why, once you’ve tried them a few times on your own, because those puppies are HARD!  Here’s the thing, they are also very good for you to do. I’m not talking about the crazy back bends that you see in Cirque Du Solie–that’s contortionism, not […]

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