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The Healing Benefits of Bone Broth

The Healing Benefits of Bone Broth By Kristy Dusevic RYT 200 CHC Did you grow up where at your grandparents’ house or maybe even your own home had a continuous stockpot on the stove? This is the pot where all the discarded vegetable scraps and/or bones were thrown into. That pot was the “go to” […]

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Four Benefits of CBD Oil

By Kristy Dusevic CHC I hope you had a chance to read our last post regarding what CBD is and where it comes from.  Now, let’s talk about the four benefits of CBD Oil.  Key points to remember about CBD, CBD is NOT marijuana, CBD  is legal in ALL 50 states and CBD contains less […]

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What is CBD Oil?

By Kristy Dusevic CHC Many of you may have heard the talk about CBD in recent months, maybe you have a friend or loved one who is already using CBD and receiving pretty amazing results from it, but perhaps, you have no idea what on earth it is. Well here is a short explanation of […]

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Strawberries–The Queen of Berries

by Kristy Dusevic CHC In Honor of Our Country’s Birthday, I thought we could keep the berry conversation going with some education on an Independence Day (or ANY Day) Treat… If blueberries are thought to be the King of berries than these juicy red berries are definitely our Queen. It’s hard to imagine but the end of our […]

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