The Importance of Hydration for Health and Wellness

Staying Hydrated with Thrive Yoga and Wellness

By Kristy Dusevic CHC The heat is on….. that’s an understatement. Are you staying hydrated? This is something to make yourself aware of constantly during these “dog days of summer.” Keep in mind that not all beverages are created equal when it comes to staying hydrated. Water is Life The average adult body is 50 … Read more

Raspberries for Yoga, Health, and Weight Loss!

By Kristy Dusevic CHC We will finish off our berry “talk” with my favorite berry of them all… Raspberries. When these delicious little treats are ripe and in season, I just can’t get enough. Raspberries, like the other berries discussed, are full of some amazing health benefits and the best part is that they are … Read more

Strawberries–The Queen of Berries

by Kristy Dusevic CHC In Honor of Our Country’s Birthday, I thought we could keep the berry conversation going with some education on an Independence Day (or ANY Day) Treat… If blueberries are thought to be the King of berries than these juicy red berries are definitely our Queen. It’s hard to imagine but the end of our … Read more

Blueberries – The King of Berries

by Kristy Dusevic CHC Have you guys noticed the abundance of little blue berries everywhere you look the last week or two?  Yup, it’s the season.  Dare I say, the BEST season?  It’s BLUEBERRY time in Tennessee!  We are so lucky to live in an area where blueberries really flourish, and our growing season is long–which … Read more

Blackberries – Nature’s Power House

[siteorigin_widget class=”SiteOrigin_Widget_Headline_Widget”][/siteorigin_widget] Summertime, it really is one of the best times of year.  The days are longer, so we can stay moving and active outside longer.   The temperatures are warmer so it invites us to jump into the pool or lake to cool off after all the fun things we are doing outside… With the … Read more