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Sacred Spaces: The Mahabharata’s Final Scenes: The Pandavas Heavenly Journey & Do All Dogs Truly Go to Heaven?

In today’s Sacred Spaces discussion with Merritt Maloof Plumb of the Energy Center and Thrive Yoga and Wellness and Jennifer Dixon with Thrive Yoga and Wellness, we discuss the final scenes of the Great Indian Epic, The Mahabharata (This is an affiliate link to the audible version of this book.). It is from this tale […]

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What are Chakras?

Have you ever heard your yoga teacher talk about Chakras and thought, “What in the world is that hippie talking about?” (or, maybe that was just me.) This year, Thrive Yoga and Wellness decided to join over a half a million other people to finish the year strong, and joined the #last90days movement, but we […]

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How the Stories Behind the Poses Can Help Bring Your Physical Practice to Life.

Have you ever experienced inexplicable….feelings…in a yoga pose? I’m talking like, everything is fine, and then, BAM!!  Just like lightening striking, some pose comes up in the sequence you’re moving through and you all the sudden want to cry, or hit people?  (maybe I”m the only violent yogi –in frog pose at least.) 😳 I was […]

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The Root Chakra

Welcome to the first of a 7 week series diving deep into the Chakras as part of the Thrive Last 90 days challenge! If you prefer to just listen and/or watch, check out this video where Lesleigh, Jennifer and Merrit all discuss our Root Chakra. By Lesleigh Guinn RYT 200 Here is the definition of […]

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