Natural Ways To Improve Digestion

We all go through periods of our lives where we experience digestive issues. Whether you are nervous about a job interview or you are awaiting news of a new mortgage, stress on the body can have an impact on your digestive system. Have you ever heard of “nervous movements”? It’s when your body responds to … Read more

Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

Image from pexels The spine and back muscles support much of the body’s weight during everyday activities such as walking and sitting. Unfortunately, these critical body parts are also highly susceptible to chronic pain and injury. Lower back pain is a typical physical problem experienced by people worldwide, and it can be debilitating. Research shows … Read more

International Yoga Day Special

Celebrate International Yoga Day with Yoga!Starting today through June 25th, 2020 Thrive Yoga and Wellness wants to encourage you to celebrate International Yoga Day with a whole bunch of yoga to last you through the summer!* International Yoga Day Special June 21st is the International Yoga Day and the day after the Longest Day of … Read more

Why Diets Fail and Fitness is for Life

I was prompted to share this response I made on social media encouraging another fitness oriented person to stay the course after rebounding or “yo-yo dieting”. So many people were encouraged by these words that I thought I would share this with you here. Instead of dieting (that’s a “bad word” in my vocabulary) I … Read more

Martin Farms Hemp Flower now Available at Thrive Hemp Store

Hello all–Grandpa Martin of Martin Farms here–Jennifer asked me to write up a little info for her site and I was happy to oblige. She has a very respectable selection of CBD products in the store at her studio–as well as online–and I’m grateful for the opportunity to have her offer some of our product … Read more