Epic mom failure disclosure alert

So Fridays are now the days that i take my kids to their school. We are doing Classical Conversations. It’s their first year. We love it there! I had special plans for a play date after school (including a skipped nap!!)  The kids were super excited (I mean, school day is their favorite, but combined … Read more

Can my Child do Pilates or Yoga?

Group Pilates and Yoga Classes for your Child Have you ever watched kids mimic adults? If not, dude, you should TOTALLY do it one day. Up until pre-teen(ish) years (give or take a bit depending on genetics and practice, most kids are still mastering walking without falling (heck, I’m in my 40s and I still … Read more

Greatness in the New Year

Happy Happy Happy New Year!  What do you want in 2021? Each year on or around January 1, we get the opportunity to make something–anything–EVERYTHING out of what’s before us. January 1, 2020, we all had some pretty wild and crazy ideas of what the year would hold…I’m pretty sure none of them included lock downs, … Read more

How New Technologies Are Disrupting Incumbent Industries: Thriving in a Pandemic and Through a Tornado

Thriving in a Pandemic and Through a Tornado Recently, I was approached by someone that wanted to guest post on our website. The topic was not really yoga-related –as it was technology-based, but I thought it would actually work because Thrive, a small Yoga and Pilates studio was able to pivot quickly this year thanks … Read more

7 Best Ways To Integrate CBD Into Your Meditation Or Yoga

Image source: Pixabay.com People have combined Cannabis concentrates with yoga and meditation since time immemorial for achieving maximum benefits. Yoga and meditation are mental exercises that help to calm the mind, relieve stress, and promote positive energy. On the same note, CBD helps to relieve depression and stress, calm the mind, and re-energize after a … Read more

What is Truth; An exploration into the meaning of Arikshitah

        Lesleigh Guinn, RYT 200     By Lesleigh Guinn, RYT 200       Arikshitah; अरिक्स्हितह्e  means “Unprotected or Vulnerable”, in Sanskrit.        There’s a whole slew of asanas (poses) that can evoke the feeling of vulnerability. Standing backbends tend to make people uneasy, understandably. You’re essentially doing a trust … Read more