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How you CAN Improve Balance

You Aren’t just Born Un-Coordinated…oh wait, you ARE!  We ALL are…In today’s Guest Blog Post, Monika Patel DPT talks about Balance, about how we have to consciously make an effort to improve balance, and yes, how you CAN improve your relationship with gravity.Balance is tough.Just look at my 10 month old son.  He’s got the […]

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Yoga and Parkinson’s Disease

YOGA AND PARKINSON’S DISEASEby Megan Brock PT, DPT, MPH, RYT 200  & Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500, MBA The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word “yuj,” which means“yoking” or “union.”Did you know in India, Yoga was used as a supplement to a doctor’s treatment?  That is because it is a practice–a system that includes a focus […]

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Celebrating the Middle

Celebrating the MiddleI was listening to a podcast recently (when both kids were miraculously asleep) that was talking about productivity, and the interviewee said something that I took as very profound, something I hadn’t ever really thought about.  He said,“we celebrate starting things all the time, but we rarely celebrate the middle part.” The conversation went […]

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Exploring the Physical Practice Pt.1 The Hamstring and Low Back Connection

Exploring the Physical PracticeThree Times Your Yoga Teacher is Reminding You of the Hamstring, Low Back Connection(and why you should listen)By: Megan Brock, PT, DPT, RYT-200, MPH Many of us have experienced low back pain, tight hamstrings or both. These issues are so common, that cues to protect the low back and optimally stretch the hamstrings […]

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Rebecca’s Story

People start a yoga practice for a myriad of reasons; stress reduction, desire to increase flexibility, injury recovery (or prevention), or just because they are looking for a really great low-impact high calorie burning workout.  Whatever that reason, it is the deeper changes that occur with a consistent practice that are what keep folks coming […]

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Core Values

DISCOVERING YOUR CORE’S VALUEMost of us are obsessed with abs.  We do countless crunches, take the latest supplement, implement the newest “ab” diet.  We want the 6-pack abs like the models on magazines or in the glamorous photo on social media.  What if I challenged the idea of the importance of those 6-packs, and said […]

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Yoga Is….

Recently, while scrolling through various Social Media and catching up on all the latest online conversations, I came across several groups discussing the various forms of yoga, and surprisingly, a lot of negativity around the basic explosion of the practice.  One hot topic was “Brewga” – a combination of beer and yoga – which had […]

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Standing Tall

Do you know how  you Stand?My guess is probably not very many of us have thought about it, let alone actually practiced standing. Before my very first dance in junior high, my father made me put on my new shoes (first “heels!”) and practice walking up and down the hall with the phonebook on my head.  […]

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