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What are Chakras?

Have you ever heard your yoga teacher talk about Chakras and thought, “What in the world is that hippie talking about?” (or, maybe that was just me.) This year, Thrive Yoga and Wellness decided to join over a half a million other people to finish the year strong, and joined the #last90days movement, but we […]

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The Root Chakra

Welcome to the first of a 7 week series diving deep into the Chakras as part of the Thrive Last 90 days challenge! If you prefer to just listen and/or watch, check out this video where Lesleigh, Jennifer and Merrit all discuss our Root Chakra. By Lesleigh Guinn RYT 200 Here is the definition of […]

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2 How to Understand CBD Product and Dosage Measurements

How to Understand CBD Product and Dosage MeasurementsBy James DixonThere are a number of obstacles to gaining a clear understanding of CBD products, hemp, and cannabis in general. Among the chief obstacles is the near total lack of consistent, standardized, universally accepted terminology. The easiest of these to tackle is the confusion surrounding product quantity […]

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What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is something that we made up.  Yup, us westerners went and put a twist on a practice that had already been around for millennia…I guess because we thought it wasn’t tough enough… (I wish you guys could see my smirk.) Back in the 80s, a handful of teachers began modifying yoga as it was […]

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What is Aerial Yoga?

by Rebecca Balch RYT 200  When I tell people that I teach aerial yoga, I often get asked that question. At first, I would say that its basic Hatha yoga using the aerial sling as a prop. I have taught aerial yoga that way for years. I had training that focused on individual poses. However, […]

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Types of Yoga Explained

Types of YogaAn Explanation of Yoga Classes in Our Studio Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500  One of the questions we receive most in the studio is about the various types of yoga that we offer in the studio.  Trust me, I get it.  When I first discovered yoga all I knew was the Hot Yoga, or […]

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