CBD Review: Select CBD 1000 mg Lemon Ginger Flavor

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Judson Ross

In today’s review, Judson Ross of Thrive Yoga and Wellness will talk to you about a new product that we recently got at the studio called Select CBD 1000 mg Lemon Ginger Flavored CBD.  This is a CBD Isolate, which means the company has virtually eliminated the THC from their products.  However, Select CBD does not state that there are non-traceable amounts of CBD in this product, so if you are subject to random drug tests, this is definitely something to keep in mind.

About Select CBD

Select CBD is based out of Oregon and uses both Oregon and Kentucky Hemp in their products. This company got its start making vape pens for marijuana that did not contain any unsafe ingredients.  They branched into the hemp market shortly after, with CBD products for both pets and humans. Select CBD uses a CBD Isolate in all their products, which virtually eliminates the trace amounts of THC.  They have CBD Oil, Vapes, Capsules and Topical Products.

This product will not get you high.

Key Points to Remember with Select CBD Lemon Ginger 1000 mg CBD oil

This is a CBD Isolate Product, which means the negligible amount of THC, which is.3% in full spectrum products, is reduced even further. The company uses American grown hemp that is 3rd party tested and grown using organic practices (although they are not certified organic).  The Select CBD Lemon Ginger 1000 mg CBD oil also includes Lemon, Ginger, and Turmeric for both flavoring and their respective beneficial qualities.  Each bottle is 30 ml and contains 30 1 ml doses. Each dose contains around 35 mg of CBD.

Select CBD Lemon Ginger 1000 mg CBD Oil

  • It is an Isolate
  • The ingredients are coconut oil, lemon, ginger, and turmeric
  • The value is average coming in about $65 per 30 ml bottle
  • Suggested serving size is 1 ml and has about 35 mg of  CBD

What’s to Love about Select CBD 1000 mg Lemon Ginger CBD

This product tastes really good.  Since it is an isolate, a lot of the more “earthy” flavors are reduced and the lemon and ginger go a long way in improving flavor even more.  It is a good concentration, at almost 35 mg of CBD per dose so it will help people with both mild to medium symptoms. The benefits last for several hours, and it is recommended to start with two doses per day, increasing as necessary.

For Judson, the benefits start to work within 30 minutes and last him 8-10 hours.  It also helps him to sleep really well, helping him to go to sleep and stay asleep all night.  It also reduced his pain within half an hour. 

What Select CBD 1000 mg Lemon Ginger CBD could improve 

This product comes in at $65 /bottle.  That is about average in terms of market price for similar concentrations os full spectrum products.  Normally, Isolate products are a little less expensive than their full spectrum cousins. The Select CBD packaging and website, although visually appealing is not very informative.  Their website doesn’t inform us very much, in fact, we didn’t know it was an isolated product until the sales representative called to educate us. The salesman did say they were revamping their website which would help to improve this major downfall to the overall business strategy.

Select CBD Lemon Ginger 1000 mg CBD Oil In Summary

The product does taste good and does what it is supposed to do, ie relax, reduce pain, and improve sleep.  It is a little on the expensive side compared to full spectrum products, but that is probably because of the added essential oils and natural flavors.  You will probably start to see this product in our studio very soon.

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