School Age Classes & Parties

Age Appropriate Classes for your Child

Whether you're looking for increased coordination, proprioception, strength, flexibility, confidence or stress response, we have the classes for your child!

School Age Yoga and Pilates programs

Playfully explore exercises to empower your child

You Ready to Party?!?!

So your youngster likes Yoga (or Aerials, or Pilates, or Barre?) Then why not invite them and 11 of their closest friends for a party to remember?

Each Party reserves the studio for 2 hours. We provide a teacher, all the equipment and, of course, the fun!

(Also included are 2 tables, chairs*, paper plates, and disposible cups, & utensils.)

You bring in the snacks, drinks, & cake while your friends bring the gifts.

Leave all the cleaning and entertainment to us!
(prices range from $250 - $350)

Reserve the Studio today!

 School Age Pilates and Yoga Schedule

Each 8 - week quarter (session) allows your student time to become acquainted with the practice and will boost their confidence as they improve skills in a safe, fun and encouraging environment.

School Age Pilates and Yoga Pricing

Once a week Class $36 / month

Twice a week Class $72 / month