Do What You Love, and Then You Won’t be Afraid Anymore..

Earlier today, while I was letting the TV babysit my children…please don’t judge me, but sometimes, between managing the studio and the house, and any of the millions of other things that call my attention, I allow my children to watch tv so I can do things like….write you an email!

I was going to have this email go over some of the amazing new stuff that we have going on, but then I heard this line….

“Do what you love, and then you won’t be afraid anymore..”

That’s a deep sentiment for a video geared towards youngsters.

Let’s take just a second and think about this…Do what you love and then you won’t be afraid anymore…Granted, in this movie, the main character was trying to motivate another character to do something, but it spoke to me this afternoon as I was struggling to figure out how in the world I could POSSIBLY manage to do everything that needed to be done…

I’m not gonna lie, fear sometimes does get the better of me.

Fears like, ”

  • Am I capable of leading this amazing group of people?
  • What happens if this doesn’t work?
  • What am I gonna do if folks don’t like that?
  • Was that class a success?

Seriously, that little voice, that inner critic, she’s not very supportive (can I get an amen?)

Here’s the thing, I don’t know ANY of the answers…but I do know this..


I love this studio! I love the practice, the people, the space…I LOVE it ALL!

Sure, the work is HARD! Sure, there are a LOT of things to do, loose ends that need to be tied, etc, and you better believe I can sometimes be scared out of my mind that I am gonna miss a ball that is juggling up there in the air…. but, like the movie says,

“Do what you love and you won’t be afraid.”

What amazing truth!

Every time I get overwhelmed by the fear and doubt, it always comes back to this, the YOGA, the Practice, the Studio => THRIVE.

This same movie tells us to not let fear stop us from doing what we love…

Why don’t you join me today in making the commitment to yourself to continue to do what it is that you love? My love is this studio and the yoga practice. I hope you love this studio too, but what else do you love? Let’s agree today to not let fear get in the way, and do what we love! The rest will HAVE to fall into place…It does, it WILL!