Effective Home Remedies for Back Pain

Crop unrecognizable woman showing chiropractor painful spot on back

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The spine and back muscles support much of the body’s weight during everyday activities such as walking and sitting. Unfortunately, these critical body parts are also highly susceptible to chronic pain and injury.

Lower back pain is a typical physical problem experienced by people worldwide, and it can be debilitating. Research shows that at least 85% of people experience either upper or lower back pains in their lifetime.  

Here are some expert home remedies for lower back pain

Maintain Correct Posture

Keeping good postures helps ease the pressure exerted on your lower back. You can keep your spine in the correct position by using various equipment such as stretchy bands and straps.

Focus on keeping your head positioned over your pelvis and don’t crane your chin forward or slump your shoulders

Furthermore, if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen or reading, place your arms evenly on the table. Keep your eye level as that of the screen. Ensure that the height of your chair is correct.

Additionally, avoid sitting all day long. It’s advisable to take some breaks and stretch regularly.

Do Stretches

Stretches have proven helpful to people with lower back pain worldwide. You can do different stretches to relieve back pain, including; reaching for your toes, cobra pose, and the cat-cow pose.

You can contact a chiropractor to assess your back if the stretches don’t help improve your back condition.

Exercise More Often

Moving may be challenging if you experience back pains. However, low-impact workouts like walks, Pilates and yoga can help ease back pain.

Workouts loosen tense muscles and produce endorphins that are natural painkillers.

It would help if you made an exercise routine, including stretch training, to improve your back muscles’ flexibility and strength. Regular exercises may reduce or prevent future lower back pains caused by tight muscles.

Use Heat and Cold

Research shows that cold and heat presses are sufficient remedies for lower back pain. You can use a heating pad or cold ice packs designed for lower back pain relief.

A heating pad can effectively relieve back pain and stiffness. Keep in mind to read and follow the procedures on the heating pad you acquire. Ensure that the temperature’s not too hot. 

If you can’t access a heating pad, use a hot water bottle as a substitute.

Ice packs are particularly helpful if you use them immediately after a strain or injury. Placing an ice pack enclosed in a towel straight to the back can help ease inflammation.

Take caution not to burn your skin with heat or ice.

Use a Pain-Relief Cream

A variety of pain-relief creams are efficient in helping with lower back pain. Research shows that capsaicin cream could effectively help with intense pain, including lower back pain. We also really love adding CBD to our medicine cabinet for pain relief as it’s a natural anti inflammatory and can produce longer term relief.

Pain-relief ointments have a cooling effect that can dull back pain for a while. However, some like menthol can make you more sensitive to pain.

Choosing to add products to your healing process such as CBD or Kratom can provide you with pain relief thanks to its pain-relieving qualities that have been traditionally used as medicine in countries such as Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia to which the Kratom tree is native. 

You can ingest Kratom by chewing, brewing in tea or adding to cooking low quantities.


People often relieve lower back pain using home remedies, and some seek medical attention. Besides, if you experience severe lower back pain, talk to a doctor who may recommend treatments and physical therapy.

In case of any underlying issue, seek approval from your specialist before following any of the steps shared on this post.