Are You Ready to Be FIT?

Join me in the ultimate training program combining strength training, yoga & Pilates

Thrive Elite is the Best Way to Get Fit

Individualized Quantified Nutrition Plans

Get your individualized diet plan following scientific methodologies that fit with your tastes and preferences

Build Strength with Resistance Training

Follow personalized training programs to burn fat and build muscle

Increase Flexibility with Strength focused Yoga and Pilates 

Yoga uses body weight specific exercises and stretches that will lengthen the muscles you're building, build stamina and improve mobility

I believe fitness is a lifestyle, not a challenge. 

Jennifer Dixon Camel on Reformer

Jennifer Dixon ERYT 500, Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and INFS certified Personal Trainer

Have you ever tried to get into shape, lose a few pounds, or just get fitter but were never able to "stay the course?"
Thrive Elite gives you the guidance you need to eat well, burn fat, build muscle and feel better. 

Would you want to live a life that's FIT?

You're gonna love training with Thrive Elite!
You get instant access to me, Jennifer Dixon for accountability and guidance whenever you need it. We will discuss your goals, your current diet, what you love and then you will get a personalized plan developed to help you reach your fitness goals!

My mission is to help you succeed. That's why I make myself available to you via WhatsApp, where we can chat, have the accountability you need, receive video messages and send them as much as you need to!


Let's Get Fit. Together We Can.

Thrive Elite teaches you to get and stay fit with science backed, strength training, Yoga & Pilates