Everyday Yoga Miracles: Dr. Ginetta Bernard

As a part of an ongoing series of posts, I want to share real world examples of the downright miraculous results of a regular yoga practice.  My hope is that these stories will inspire you and encourage you to continue to practice. Even if you only get to practice 5 minutes today, or maybe you can’t even get a physical practice in, and just spend 5 minutes breathing and meditating, my hope is that you’ll continue to do whatever practice you can and I promise, you’ll see a change.  It may start out as a subtle shift in your mood, but I promise, before you know it, the miracle that is a regular yoga practice–it will happen to you. Just like it did to my dear friend, Ginetta.

I met Ginetta about 8 years ago at my late teacher, Donna’s Farm.  It was one of my first workshops with Manju Jois, who is my teacher now that Donna has passed.  Donna had been a student of Manju’s since the early 2000s and it was at her practice space that I first met Manju and Ginetta..  Little did I know that those relationships I made so many years ago would blossom into beautiful friendships like the one I have with Ginetta.

I remember Ginetta from that first workshop because I thought she must practice the Mantras every day (these are Yogic Chants) because she was so good at them! (I later found out that she was a professionally trained vocalist with a PhD in voice –she’s got tow other PhDs too!–so she knows how to use her voice, and it’s beautiful!)  She always travels with her furry friend, Geisha, a super sweet Pekinese that I love to cuddle during our Q&A time with Manju. Ginetta has a powerful voice and practice. She exudes encouragement and love and I honestly have the most fun when practicing next to her!

In our most recent training with Manju, she was working on my neck and shoulder because I took a massive fall this past Christmas season, and it was really limiting my mobility on the left side.  While she was working, I asked Ginetta what brought her to yoga. Little did I know, she already published her story on her website. I wanted to share her story with you because it’s a subtle miracle.  Ginetta was suffering from immobility on her left side and it was yoga that helped fix her. Ginetta is a successful, highly trained singer, Professor and body worker. On the outside, it seemed like she had it all together, but with all that success, she suffered.  It was her yoga practice that fixed her. Check out Ginetta’s story below.  If you’re ever in the NYC Area, I encourage you to find Ginetta, maybe grab some coffee, if you get the chance, practice with her or see if you can get on her table, she is a gifted healer and loves to share how yoga helped her heal.

By Dr. Ginetta Bernard

Ten years ago, I could barely move.  I was in constant and atrocious pain.  Why? I don’t really know. The body has amazing way to tell you enough is enough with your way of being, living and thinking.  

Of course before I realized what was the REAL problem, I did like everyone else do in our Western World, I went to see Doctors. They wanted to operate and fuse my spine.  NO WAY! I visited physical therapists, massage therapists, I tried acupuncture (not easy for someone who hates needles), but nothing seemed to work.

Then I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga. I thought it was completely crazy to think that I could get into this practice, I could hardly move my left arm and bending forward was out of question.   But for whatever reason, I trusted my teacher Erika Hildebrandt, her patience, knowledge and our daily practice. It was painful and I cried so much.

Then, the miracle of Ashtanga Yoga came upon me.

Well, there’s not miracle, only practice.
I don’t know what pain is anymore, I rarely get sick and my life changed for the better.  If you have pain, find yourself a GOOD teacher that understands yoga therapy and the body.  Find a teacher that knows what pain is. You will see the changes too. Feel free to contact me f you have any questions. I have made it my mission to help people live without pain.  I have been studying yoga therapy too and work with people that have MS and Cancer. Things change when you decide to make the change.

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