Expert Tips For Yoga Beginners: A Journey To Healthy Living

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Like any other artistic discipline, learning and mastering yoga takes dedication and time. It is not your body size or fitness that matters, but the willingness to consistently work towards achieving your goals. These are incremental, dedicated steps towards improvement, not necessarily a specific posture (asana), although new mastery of these postures can be (and are) fun and very motivating. 

With the correct procedures and enough patience, you can get from zero to hero within no time. Unlike other extra curricular activities, like gaming or reading, you should go the extra mile in your pursuit of healthy living because your health could be affected by each decision you make both for the better and the worst. Yoga is an excellent tool to use to improve your life both physically (with increased stamina, strength, flexibility, and endurance) as well as on a deeper, emotional level (with increased coping mechanisms taught through breathwork, and the asana practice itself. 

If done right, you stand to improve your posture, boost metabolism, and increase blood flow all while making yourself feel amazing! In any case, this would be a dream come true for any soon to be yogi on their pursuit of healthy living.

Additional Advantages of Practicing Yoga

  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Boosts metabolism and mental discipline
  • It keeps you relaxed and attentive.
  • Minimizes tension and increases personal power
  • It is a source of harmony and bonding.
  • Reduces stress and enhances personal awareness.   

Tips for Yoga Beginners

Maintain a healthy diet

It is always advisable to not be hungry before a yoga practice, so eating preferably 2-3 hours before a practice is ideal. This way your stomach is not full but you’re also not hungry. Not just any meal is permissible, however. I mean, when was the last time you scarfed down a bacon cheddar cheeseburger and fries and tried to do anything besides binge watch Netflix? Lighter food varieties and snacks would be the ideal options. Do everything possible not to get full because it will hinder your maneuverability and comfort.  Instead, eat light foods and incorporate yoga supplements to cover all the necessary nutrients. 

Muscles are a vital part of poses such as the asana, so you should be quick to take enough proteins and center your meal plan around developing strong joints. There is no single perfect diet, as it varies based on your personal preference and current diet strategies, but adequate protein is key to muscle growth and recovery.

Respect your boundaries and limitations

While pushing yourself is crucial, you should understand that the human body has its limits. The practice of ‘no harm’ is by itself a recommended best practice that seeks to give you some breathing and recovery space. 

To be on the safe side, note down your boundaries, communicate them to your partner or instructor and find the best way to work around them. 

Formulate a routine and run with it

Instead of doing long occasional yoga sessions, establish a convenient routine that is consistent and impactful. A 15-minute session filled with an assortment of poses and done every day could have a long-lasting effect compared to any other mode of practice. 

With time, you become aware of the subtle sensations and more flexible to try out advanced styles. Also, having a custom-made lineup could suit your needs, depending on your strengths and weaknesses. You could start with something active such as the Vinyasa flow, and finish off with restorative poses to relax. Whichever works best for you. 

Get accessories and proper attire.

Yoga requires delicate stretches and flexible movement. Given the case, you need attire that is accommodative and roomy enough. It needs to fit perfectly to prevent exposing yourself.  We carry a couple of different brands in the studio that are our favorites, and you can check them out here!

When starting, be as simple as you learn your preferred gear and accessories. There are numerous yoga pants available and matching combinations of tops to give you options that resonate with your style. 

As noted, to achieve the best results in yoga and minimize the gap for errors, you have to nurture your skills and stay ahead of the game. Follow the above tips and learn how to be more productive in your yoga practice.

The journey ahead will be challenging, but it is up to you to channel your inner strength and outward discipline when training. Be sure to observe more than you demonstrate, trust your judgment, and always stay positive.