Finally….A Natural Deodorant that Actually Works!

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500

Ok everybody…I wish I had a megaphone and could be on the busiest street in America, because this is it….the BIGGEST, HUGEST, MOST AMAZING thing ever…I have found A Natural Deodorant that Actually WORKS!

FULL DISCLOSURE, I haven’t been paid a DIME to tell you this, and I had to PAY for this product, so what you’re getting is pure, unadulterated, EXCITED Truth.

Ok, so let’s back up just a bit.  

Just like you, I know that the stuff they put in antiperspirant and conventional deodorants do terrible things to my body.  I know that the aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s and all the other terrible research. I had two grandparents die of Dementia and Alzheimer’s related health issues, so I KNOW that I need to be careful.

Here’s the thing, I STINK!  

Yes, moment of absolute truth here, for the whole world to see, I am a sweaty, stinky gal!  Typical mornings start off with an hour or so of yoga, chasing some kids (A shower in there if I’m lucky), I try to squeeze in some weight lifting, teach some yoga—maybe to a group maybe in a private, and then I have to be, at the very least somewhat presentable at the yoga studio, or other misc yoga related business meeting, back to chasing more kids and then finally I fall down exhausted into my bed (sometimes with sometimes without a shower.). This means, for a gal that is probably an 8 on the stinky scale (between 1-10) i need something that works because no one wants to talk to the stinky person, and I don’t have time to shower daily let alone multiple times a day!!

That’s why it’s been such a hard thing to give up my antiperspirants.  I HAVE to be sure your olfactory senses won’t be overwhelmed when I shake your hand, or reach in to give you a super juicy assist.  Even though I know the chemicals are likely gonna be my demise, i can’t let my livelihood suffer, so I use the chemicals and try to be clean in other areas of my life.

Now, let’s talk about my super sweet, saint of a husband.  Let’s be honest, boys stink too, but on top of the typical B.O. that accompanies working hard in construction, he also has some skin issues and is super sensitive to basically anything. He gets super bad rashes under his arms with every conventional and natural product that we have tried (and trust me, we have tried A LOT.). I feel bad for him because I know he doesn’t want to smell bad, but I also know it is excruciating when he sweats, when his arms rub his body, when —basically anytime just about 10 months out of the year when sweat is likely to happen (because he’s also always hot.).

I don’t want to disparage any other brand, only build up the brands that I know, like and trust, so let me introduce you to my new latest, FAVORITE product.

KB Pure Deodorant

Little bit of back story here.  

I recently started carrying more retail products in the studio.  When I went into researching, I was asking clients, doing internet research, and basically took in all the information I could.  One of my clients mentioned KB Pure and so I went to check them out. They have a whole line up of beauty related and even CBD products.  I emailed with the owner a few times, and decided to give the lip balm and deodorant a try because I know how important eliminating the crap out of our daily lives is—whether in yoga, food, or skincare.  Of all the other product lines I researched and emailed, the folks at KB Pure were right there, super responsive, and knowledgeable. I placed my first order, got it this past week, and my husband and I gave the deodorant a shot.

Fast forward to today, 4 days later, and we are HOOKED!  This stuff is AMAZING!

My husband has worn it every day and not only is he excited that he doesn’t stink (you guys, he works construction, and this week he’s been outside messing with plumbing and then in the studio helping to finish up stuff around the place for us.) After the first day, he said, “hey, what do you think?”  He wanted me to do the “sniff test.” I declined. 🙂 I gave myself the ole sniff test and was like, I don’t stink either!!! WHOA!


I felt like that first day wasn’t a “TRUE” test, because I hadn’t taught a class that day and only practiced at home.  SO the next day, I practiced, lifted weights, taught a class, and went to meet people for dinner…No smellies! The best part is, I wasn’t that sweaty either!  Ok, here’s the best news. Yesterday, I practiced my yoga, worked in the studio all day with a couple of errand runs in the 90 degree temps we had. Then, at 6:30 last night, I led a heated yoga class…that was about 12 hours AFTER applying this stuff.  Guess what, at 8:30 that night, when I got home, I checked..Not only was I not completely drenched, I didn’t smell!

You guys, I am so excited about this product.  FINALLY…I can stop worrying about the toxic crap that’s in my deodorant and use an all natural product, supporting a small business led by a couple of super sweet ladies, and spread the word about their AMAZING products!  

If you’re located in the chattanooga area, come by the studio and check this stuff out!  I have 3 different scents in stock for you to give the ole sniff sniff. All natural deodorants are expensive, if you compare it to conventional brands, I understand that.  However, if you do the math on the medical expenses that will come if you keep using that stuff, you’re definitely a winner. If you’re somewhere else not nearby us, definitely go check out their website and ORDER IT!  You won’t regret it!