Finding Ways To Snack While Keeping Fit

With the summer coming up quickly, you may be like many others trying their best to get in shape and get ready for the sun, but it’s never a simple task (especially after a year of lockdowns and mid-day snacking!) Snacking is something that becomes far too easy to get into the habit of, and far too difficult to kick it! In some cases, you don’t need to kick that habit, rather you can curb it! As long as you keep your snacking in within your total daily caloric intake requirements, it can be easier to keep yourself fit without intaking too many calories.

Remember, it’s not food that makes you fit or unfit, it’s the quantity of food that you eat. So be sure to know how many calories you’re consuming, how many calories will keep you healthy and losing weight, and then you can fill those caloric requirements with snacks like these listed below.



Smoothies can make for a great snack on many different occasions, but beware, they can be very calorie dense. They’re so flexible in what with what you can put in them, and you can tailor them entirely to what you need! You can pack more protein into them, more calcium, more fruit! It’s up to you! Fitness smoothies can even be bought, and make for a refreshing, yet healthy snack in the middle of the day. Perfect for when you’re working out. Of course, you have to be careful with what you’re having in your smoothies, as they can be calorie dense, which increase overall caloric intake in your daily intake especially if you add very sweet fruits like Pineapple. Remember, snacking is ok, as long as it isn’t too many calories.

Protein bars

Protein bars can be difficult to moderate if you aren’t careful because many are simply candy bars, but if you have the discipline to only eat them when you need them, they’re perfect for your fitness routine. There are all different kinds of protein bars, in all different flavors, meaning there’s going to be one for you too! Even if they’re not as tasty as something like a chocolate bar, considering the goodness that’s packed into them should be enough to make them more enjoyable! It’s a tasty treat with extra goodness. What’s not to like? Be aware of the amount of sugar in your protein bar (which increases the calorie content) and look for bars with a minimum of 20 gr of protein under 300 calories. Keep in mind, most people have meals (while in a calorie deficit, or diet) that are between 3-400 calories, so protein bars should be monitored for overall caloric values.

Eat more fruit and veggies

It should go without saying that you should be eating more fruit and vegetables in your diet whether or not you’re trying to get fit. Many people tend to have trouble consuming fruits and veggies because they don’t enjoy eating them! The problem with this strategy of avoidance is that diets high in vegetables and fruit are higher in nutritious vitamins and minerals in addition to a magical food component called FIBER. Fiber is filling and is found in fresh, frozen or canned vegetables and fruit. Fiber helps keep you full and helps to keep you regular. The best way to get this fiber is with increased vegetables and fruits!

The secret to including more in your diet, with any kind of food,is finding a recipe that can help you enjoy them. No matter the kind of fruit or the vegetable, it can be prepared in a way that can make it more filling and enjoyable than you’re used to. Again, remember, the more fiber dense, low calorie vegetables you add (like green beans) the fuller you will feel and it will help keep you in a calorie deficit easier.

Most vegetables have more than one way to cook them, whether you roast them, boil them, fry them – you have to find the right way for you, else it will be harder to stick to! It’s important within any diet, that you find ways to enjoy your healthy alternatives, otherwise, it makes it much more difficult to stay on top of things.

For some people, giving up snacks can make the diet outright impossible, and if you’re going to snack on something, it might as well be good for you!. Taking the time to find out how many calories you should be consuming, and then fitting your diet choices (that can include snacks) into this overall caloric requirement is the key to getting and staying fit whether for summertime or for life!