Forest Bathing and Yoga…Best Friends

By the Mystical Mommy.  This post originally was featured here.

Forest bathing is a growing global movement that combines the healing benefits of walking and exercise with the beauty of nature  –especially being in a forest. When you take a walk in a forest, it can help to reduce anxiety and boost the immune system, but has far more benefits.

So much more than just taking a walk in the woods. Forest bathing takes you to a different level of sensory awareness. You can enjoy the woods, use mindfulness and meditation techniques, and open your senses to nature. It can be a transformative experience.

Sound familiar? I know another little something that uses mindfulness and meditation, can be transformative and open your senses. Hello Yoga!

As people are more and more intertwined and dependent on technology, escaping to the woods can be a truly restorative experience. I use yoga as an escape as well and when you can join the two, it can be truly amazing! Not only can you reap the benefits of yoga (increased strength and flexibility, improved digestion, better sleep, decreased anxiety and inflammation, I could go on and on), but add in the benefits of being in nature! And while we’re there, we can add in some earthing, getting our bare feet in the dirt.

Research shows that walking barefoot on the earth sends electrons through the body, which help to optimize the immune system, release antioxidants, increase energy, improved circulation, lowered cortisol, decreased inflammation and more!  

Manju Jois talks about how the energy from our feet actually is transferred to the earth with each bare step.  He says, notice the paths in the woods, or out in nature. They don’t grow grass because our energy is transferred to the ground which actually can help us to feel better.  However, it’s not just our bodies releasing the energy to the earth, we actually receive grounding, calming energy with each step, so it can help to bring about a sense of calmness.  It truly is beautiful.

Can you imagine what it would feel like to mix yoga, earthing, forest bathing and meditation all in one beautiful practice? Let’s not just imagine it, let’s do it! Get your feet in the dirt and join me for some Forest Bathing Yoga!  

Thrive Yoga and Wellness is proud to present Forest Bathing and Yoga on July 13th at 10 at Greenway Farms.  You’ll get to experience the benefits of practicing both of these amazing and transformative arts with a community of nature loving wellness enthusiasts.  After your hour of forest bathing, you’ll feel rejuvenated, relaxed and ready to take on the weekend!

2 thoughts on “Forest Bathing and Yoga…Best Friends”

  1. Forest bathing was a wonderful experience. It was very peaceful and relaxing, and digging my toes into the dirt was fun! No bug bites! The creek and the sun filtering through the trees was beautiful.

  2. So glad you had a great time with us, Chloe! We will have to do this again very soon, huh?? ❤️😘 See you again soon!

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