Greatness in the New Year

Happy Happy Happy New Year! 
Whether you shouted Happy New Year, Jumanji, or you slept through, today’s YOUR day to make something new.

What do you want in 2021?

Each year on or around January 1, we get the opportunity to make something–anything–EVERYTHING out of what’s before us. 

January 1, 2020, we all had some pretty wild and crazy ideas of what the year would hold…I’m pretty sure none of them included lock downs, masks, tornados, never ending zoom meetings, etc. 

Here it is, January 2021, and we still have some masks, but there are another 11 months for us to make 2021 the best year ever.

What are your goals?
Greatness is pretty relative to each of us, but we have that opportunity to discover what it means to us, to make it happen, and to practice contentment found in that pursuit.

What are your Greatness goals for 2021?

Have you written them down?

Have you already lost site of those goals?

How can we make this year your best year yet?

Don’t let the unknown keep you from reaching your goals. You can do it–whether it’s finally touching your toes in a standing forward fold, or nailing your Pincha Mayurasana. Maybe your goals are to spend more time in stillness? If you don’t have your goals clearly defined, how will you know where you stand?

This year, as a collective, Thrive Yoga and Wellness has some lofty goals. Here they are, for you to help us stay accountable.

2021 Thrive Goals.

  • To Thrive – in continue to grow as a yoga and Pilates studio, whether it is in person or online, we choose to continue to meet together, grow stronger, and breathe.
    • To continue our group Yoga classes, growing the variety and amount
    • To evolve our products and services including group Pilates Apparatus classes and more.
  • To Connect – despite the distance, create an environment that feels and is SAFE.
    • Continue to use our Ozone and UV generators twce a day to help sterilize and clean our space.
    • Continue to wipe down and/or spray all high touch surfaces.
    • Utilize wipeable / cleanable surfaces on “community” practice tools to help facilitate a clean, fun, and effective yoga and Pilates class.
    • Continue to offer a judgement free space for every person regardless of age, shape, conditioning or background. We are all connected through the love of health, wellness, yoga and Pilates. You belong.
  • To Contribute – Thrive has always been a believer in “giving back” to our community. In 2019, we donated almost $7000 to local non-profits! Of course, 2020 was a beast in and of itself, and we are ecstatic to still hold this space for you, so we were unable to donate the same in terms of quantity. Despite having the hardest year of our existence, we still were able to adopt and fully support a local Chambliss Center for Children family at Christmas.

Well, now that you know what our Thrive Goals are…what are your goals? How can we help you?

Are you interested in deepening your practice? We have the area’s ONLY modular 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program. It is modularly scheduled to fit into your schedule. It’s available online, in person, and even (new this semester) pre- recorded!

Are you not quite ready to meet in person? Don’t forget we can zoom you in to all our classes! Shoot us an email if you see a class you’d like to attend and it doesn’t have an online option available. We can certainly make that happen!

Do you need help designing a sustainable healthy diet and workout plan? Guess what, Thrive Fitness can help with that! It’s our first ever Thrive coaching program that helps to educate you on healthy diets (no gimmicks), how you can make eating and being healthy fit YOU!

Finally, if you’re looking for personalized Pilates instruction, we can do that too! The best part is, while space is available, you can get your first session for just $50! Come learn about this amazing practice. Have a personalized workout developed for you to help YOU reach your potential. Once you’ve experienced the magic of Pilates, we know you’ll fall in love with it and want to continue in both our group classes (coming in February) and Private/duet sessions.

Before the month is over, take the time to consider what it is you WANT from this life and in this year. WRITE IT DOWN! Be clear. Be concise. Be BIG. Pursue GREATNESS. You can do it. We can help.