How to do Half Moon Pose or Ardha Chandrasana.

This is a balancing posture found in vinyasa and power type classes that combines the strength of balancing on one leg while still trying to hold your body open away from the ground. Your glutes are stabilizing your hips and pelvis and your balance, although starting at your feet, is actually coming from the strength of your core. This balancing pose truly is a beautiful example of how our bodies, although tied down by the weight of gravity can be strong and steady (and BALANCED!) in even the most challenging ways. Who knew, Matrix style walking maybe really is possible!  🤔

Balancing is Never Easy

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Whether you’re watching a little baby learn how to his/her first steps or you are trying to run a 3 legged race with your best friend, gravity…it ALWAYS wins. That doesn’t mean you SHOULDN’T at least TRY to balance though, right? This is especially true since, falling is among some of the biggest fears of people, regardless of their sex as they age.

How do you Improve Balance?

Practice, of course! The best way to improve your balance is to practice and actually play with using your balance! Now, this may seem a little crazy, and you certainly don’t have to start practicing your balance with Half Moon pose. In fact, I released a mini series of 5 videos with super basic balance building exercises for you to try that you can find here

If you are ready for more of a challenge, then I invite you to try Half Moon Pose.

Here is a video tutorial on this pose. Be sure to follow along and then come back here for more tips!

Something to remember is that you should try to have the grounded foot facing forward. At first (at least for me), I tended to pigeon toe my standing foot in. As my practice progressed, retraining myself to balance with straight feet felt awkward and probably made things harder than they needed to be.

Key Points to Remember When Practicing Half Moon Pose:

  1. Be sure you are close to the wall
  2. Have a block available
  3. Don’t lock out your standing knee
  4. Remember to lift the balancing leg and really energize that leg. Pretend you’re pressing into the sidewall, Matrix style!
  5. Looking up is harder than looking down
  6. Be sure wherever you look that it isn’t moving

This pose is super awesome to add to your practice because it strengthens your core and glutes and creates stability in your feet and legs. Plus, it’s beautiful so go ahead and try it!

Once you have gotten comfortable with this pose, try moving into and out of it fluidly. I’m not saying you should just use momentum to get you into it and fall out of it into another pose, but to slowly and with control move from like a Warrior 2 pose into Half Moon Pose will make you feel strong and graceful like a prima ballerina and it’ll create a stable base for you to take off the mat into the world. Hopefully, you won’t be one of those aging people afraid of falling because you’ll be soaring in your practice!

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