How Can You Boost Your Mental Health as A Senior?

The American Psychological Association revealed that about one in 5 seniors experiences mental issues and exhibit higher suicide risks than other age groups. Despite the disturbing statistics, mental health disorders tend to go undetected, leading to untreated cases in older adults. However, you can keep your mind in top shape should you know what to do. That said, here are some ways to boost your mental health. 

Leverage exercise

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Exercise triggers serotonin release, which creates a soothing and relaxing effect on your body. Research also reveals that it reduces your risks of developing cardiovascular diseases and improves your mobility and flexibility. What’s more, it enhances your sleep quality and mood while improving your cognitive functions and self-confidence. Therefore, it’s prudent to get a feasible workout routine for maximum results. For instance, you may try pilates and water aerobics to improve your balance and resistance-band workouts to enhance a good posture. You can also leverage yoga for improved balance, strength, and mood. 

Play mind boosting games

You risk losing cognitive functions when you don’t stimulate your brain, making it imperative to play mind-boosting games. Besides, they stimulate hand-eye coordination while boosting memory capability and motor skills. What’s more, they help you develop quick-thinking skills and improved concentration levels. Fortunately, you may pick from various exciting mind-boosting games for your pleasure. For instance, Sudoku improves your cognition while mitigating Alzheimer’s risks, while crossword puzzles form neural connections and prevent dementia development. Thanks to technology, you can play various online games to strengthen your brain.

Be mindful of what you consume 

Research by Kjersti Gronning and Associates revealed that seniors with a healthy dietary lifestyle reported less psychological distress, especially when adapting to new lifestyle changes. Moreover, healthy foods reduce your risks of developing cancer, osteoporosis, and cardiovascular diseases, among others. Therefore, it’s prudent to be mindful of what you consume daily. For instance, you may avoid undercooked protein or high-sodium foods to prevent sepsis and hypertension risks. Instead, you can opt for green vegetables, high fiber, and low fat foods. It’s also prudent to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration. 

Prioritize sleep 

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Quality sleep offers many benefits, making it imperative to prioritize. Not only does it clear your brain of harmful toxins, but it also improves your memory and concentration. What’s more, it boosts your mood while supporting a healthy weight and metabolism. Therefore, you should aim for seven to eight hours of sleep daily. Experts advise that you develop a regular sleep schedule and avoid late afternoon napping to help you sleep well at night. You may avoid taking heavy meals or caffeine close to bedtime and put off your cell phone or television in your bedroom. CBD has been proven to aid proper sleep, and you can leverage it. However, if you’re wondering how long CBD stays in your body, you can rest assured knowing that it is healthy for your system. 

Your mental health determines your life’s quality, making it essential to care for. Hopefully, you’ll adopt these tips for optimum wellness.