How to Make Camel Pose Easier: Quick Tip Thursday- 1 Tip to Improve Your Yoga Practice

What if I told you that in less than two minutes, I could help improve one aspect of your yoga practice. That’s right, two minutes and less can have you experiencing a little bit of growth in your personal practice that could mean HUGE changes in your personal practice?

That’s what you can get today when you practice this

ONE TIP for your Camel Pose- relax your glutes

When you set up for your camel pose, try to relax your glutes. When your glutes are relaxed, it allows your sacrum to move (ever so slightly) which creates a little more space for your low back. PLUS, when your glutes are relaxed so are the other muscles around your hips and pelvis, which also helps to create more space for that sensitive low back area.

How you can Relax your Glutes for Camel Pose

Let’s get you into your new and improved camel pose!

  1. First thing’s first, get set up properly on your knees.
  2. Put your hands in your “yoga pockets” with your finger tips down. It’s as if you were trying to slide your hands into your jeans jacket upside down.
  3. Go ahead and make your booty jiggle. It’s fun plus it ensures your glutes are relaxed if they are willing to jiggle around 😉
  4. Press your hips forward
  5. Reach for your heals or feet with one or both hands.

What do you think? Did you see the difference when your glutes were nice and jiggly versus when they were super engaged? This one tip helped me get to the point that I no longer had pain in my low back when practicing this pose and I actually enjoy Camel Pose now!

It’s a miracle!

Let’s get you to experience this miracle too.

What do you think? Did it help you?

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