Newsletter 7/5/19

Did you get to go see some fireworks this week?  This was the first year we allowed our kiddos to "stay up" late enough to watch the fireworks, so it was a really exciting couple of days as we explained what fireworks were and what we were celebrating.  

Judson and I are sorta paying the price of two late nights now (because you know the kiddos aren't sleeping in!) but it was totally worth it.

It was so much fun introducing the kids to something new, and trying to explain the meaning behind something that is so meaningful to where we are and what makes it special.  

That excitement is not limited to fireworks or our Independence Day, it can be very similar to the excitement that you and I have when we reach a new goal or try something new, like a new yoga pose, or Asana.  

How long have you been practicing yoga? Do you remember the excitement you felt when you first tried yoga?  Or, have you reached any new milestones in your yoga practice, How did it feel?

I hope that you still have a bit of the excitement that you had the first time you tried yoga each time you practice --even if it has been a decade (or decades)-- and I hope you keep that excitement each time you reach a new asana or personal goal.  The small celebrations and excitements can make all difference in a long term relationship with your yoga practice.

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This Week(ish) Events

Raja Yoga

Let's learn a little more about the philosophy behind Yoga!  Join Suzanne Sabourin for an informative discussion on Dhyana or controlling our minds

New Moon Magical Restorative Event

Come relax, unplug and raise a little money for the Red Wolves tonight with Missy from 6:30-7:45.  


Ready to float, paddle, practice and watch the sun set?  You have GOT to try SUP Yoga with Katie and the River Yogis!  It's AMAZING, and it's calling your name this Sunday night.

Remember, you can find all these events on our special events page as well as on our Facebook Events page, so definitely follow us so you are always in the know with what's UP at your favorite studio!

Thrive Online is now included in select memberships!

AND, it's at a super great discount for ALL Thrive Studio Members! I'm running a little late getting you guys your sign in info, but it is COMING! Keep an eye on your inbox if you are one of our $99/mo Gold Members.  Your Thrive Online login information is coming soon!  If you aren't one of these members, ask about your Thrive Online Membership Options!

Thrive Yoga Festival!

September 14th from 12-5, come meet up with your favorite yoga friends for a day spent playing and practicing all to help benefit Audubon Acres.  We will have a children's section with child watch, different types of yoga, meditation, drum circles, and so so so much more!!  RSVP to save your spot!