Kundalini Yoga with Missy Crutchfield

YOGA ON UNION: Kundalini yoga with Missy Crutchfield

I’m often asked about my teaching and practice of Kundalini yoga, so I will try to describe here some of the most important aspects of Kundalini, to me… Kundalini is a beautiful combination of the most important aspects of yoga: Mantra, Meditation, Pranayama, Mudra (hand positions), chakra work, Kriyas and Asanas combined in a beautiful practice that will lift your spirit, bring peace into your life and raise your spiritual vibration balancing energy and enhancing wellbeing. This becomes an amazing spiritual vehicle that can take your practice and life to the next level, literally helping you to awaken, align and embrace a new way of peaceful and mindful living….

Kundalini, like other styles of yoga uses ancient language to help us connect to the wisdom of the elders, and although some of the mantras and kriyas used may seem unfamiliar, and the sounds and words a bit unusual, the repetition and vibration of them, combined with breathing technique and coordinated finger / hand movements, helps to us to focus, heal and awaken mind, body and spirit. Many health facilities are now using these techniques in working with aging seniors to help them slow signs and perhaps onset of diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Many health providers and caretakers are finding exciting results from Kundalini meditations as well as the practice of yoga overall… The health benefits just keep growing!!!

I’ll be covering more on Kundalini yoga in future blogs, but I wanted to share a little here and give a bigger picture of why so many people across the country and around the world are finding this yoga practice is exactly “what the doctor should have ordered!”

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Peace. Love. Truth. Yoga… ❤ MissyMissy Crutchfield lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is a vegan, animal rights, human rights and Earth justice activist. She is co-founder of Gandhi’s Be Magazine and Gandhi Global Center For Peace. Missy is passionate about international travel and cultural exchange, teaching yoga, vegan cooking, spending time with her 21-year-old son and their 4 rescue dogs, and inspiring others to take the vegan plunge and live fearlessly and in the moment as compassionate human beings.  Missy teaches Kundalini Yoga (in addition to other classes) at Thrive Yoga and Wellness located in Chattanooga, TN.  IF you are not in the area, check out the Thrive Youtube Channel for a growing library of yoga and wellness related content that we know you’ll love.  If you’re looking for an online resource that provides yoga inspired fitness content, look no further than Thrive Online, your online resource to get stronger, more flexible and reach your wellness goals from home.