Last 90 Days Challenge


Are You Ready for 2020?

Today is the first day of October… can you believe that?!? 

What’s more astounding and important??

There are (ONLY) 90 days left of 2019.

The #thrivetribe has decided to begin our own “last 90 day challenge”. Where we will have a new topic every weekday, and each week until the end of the year is going to shed some light on yoga, mindfulness, mediation and lots of other useful information and fun things we hope you carry into the last few weeks of this year. The best part about this is that when we begin 2020, we’re gonna be more than ready… 

If you know who Rachel Hollis is, AWESOME!! If not, check her out!!! She’s the woman that wrote the book(s), “Girl, wash your face!” as well as “Girl, Stop apologizing!”, she hones in on one very BIG piece of knowledge. “It takes 21 days to create a habit, but it 90 days to change your life.” 

Think about that. 

How fast is 3 weeks? 

What’s 21 days worth of good for you?

In 3 Weeks of daily practice you can lay a foundation to instill change for the good in your life (and probably others too). 

We want you to join us!! (subscribe, like, comment, come to the studio!!!)  

Over the next seven weeks we will dive in and learn more about ourselves, our happiness, our yoga practice, and how everyday life are all influenced and impacted by the seven chakras. 

All you have to do is show up! 

I am the queen of excuses, and I realized that there is no excuse I can tell myself where I will be totally cool with me not helping myself to be a better person, all around. 

“What is the last 90 day challenge?”, you may ask.

 It’s based on the amazing Rachel Hollis’ challenge that she holds the last 90 days of every year.

This is not a diet

This is not a workout plan. 

You have no required reading, 

This challenge is about showing up daily and being present, 


most importantly- it’s allowing yourself to be accountable for you.

Sounds too simple doesn't it?  I promise, it is THAT simple.

For the first week of this challenge we are going to start by asking ourselves a few questions:

Allow yourself just for a moment to think,

  • what brings you happiness?
  • What brings you comfort
  • What makes you feel safe? 
  • What makes you happy just to wake up and be you? 

These answers are the foundation of our personalities, our physical bodies, and what drives our minds. 

They are your “roots”. 

They help us learn to thrive as humans. 

The  word “thrive” is defined as “ to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances.” 

For the first week, let’s Explore the first Chakra, the Root Chakra

In life we have basic needs, we need food, water, shelter and love. These are things we must have to thrive and prosper. These needs are met no matter what the circumstance. These (most primal) basic human needs are attended to throughout our early life by parents and other able bodied people. 

The root chakra, (or Mudlahara Chakra) is developed from the time we enter this world at birth, until we are one year old. We learn mobility, expression, sadness, fear, but most importantly, we find contentment and happiness. These needs are the root of what we ourselves use to continually grow and ultimately be better people in this world. 

These are basic needs as humans, and what constitutes the makeup of root chakra. 

I don’t remember when I was born, or my first birthday… if someone does- please share your story!  I do remember the first year of my children’s lives. (kinda… so little sleep) Those basic needs that my kids had and alerted me to, those are met with urgency and any unhappiness is remedied and soothed away. 

During that first year of our lives, we literally have our needs met with help from others. 

Babies aren’t able to feed, clothe or provide shelter for themselves, so as adults, parents and decent human beings, we ensure that need is met. The response we receive to the attentiveness when we have our needs as babies- this is the foundation for the rest of our lives as humans and how we react. There have been tons of studies and research a plenty to prove, that care and love are needed for anyone to be well, mentally, physically or emotionally. That’s not just for others, That’s for yourself too! 

Even as I write this I am thinking of the fact I didn’t eat lunch today. It happens a lot. I have 3 kids, they require a lot of food, meals and time to make this happen is rushed. To  be honest, I DO have the time to fix myself lunch when I make their lunches, however I don’t make the time as much as I should. As much as I NEED to. 

Nobody else is responsible for me but me, as an adult.  

I would be pretty optimistic thinking that my kids would prepare my lunch for me, or just as likely- a meal would just appear on my counter top if I wished it. My needs, are not their responsibility. (If you know my three sons, you know how this “lunch fairy” scenario is so much more likely to happen.) So, I have a choice. I can take the extra minute or two and decide what I want to eat for lunch and make it, or get hangry and forgetful… as obvious as it seems, it still occurs way too often. I tend forget Me, by allowing every.single thing in everyone else’s lives and everyone else’s “needs” (read: wants) to come before I allow time for my own basic needs, like food. 

It’s too obvious and simple to even try to make excuses... 

You may realize you fall into this same trap. It’s something that became a habit, for me moost likely after I had my first child, and I have allowed it to become habit… over time that small habit became the norm and by allowing that I have to address it and fix it. 

Or wish for a lunch fairy… which is more productive?

Addressing what you need to improve for yourself, is by far the hardest part of this entire challenge.

  • Do you need more sleep? 
  • Do you need better food? (good food that is helping your body to thrive). 
  • Do you need a better home for your family to live? (Don’t go out and buy a new house!) 
  • What could improve your home now for you and your family to be happier?
  • What is it that YOU need? 
  • What changes can you make for the next 21 days that will impact your life so much so that it’s life changing, for the better?

You already have what it takes (a body,and a mind!), and chances are- you’re well aware of what you need to do… so, let’s do it! Let’s THRIVE! Let’s plant some roots! 

 Rahel Hollis has an  accountability checklist * that you can check off daily, on this list are the “FIVE TO THRIVE” these five daily tasks are the foundation to a better you. Everyday there is a spot to check off; 

  • Wake up early. 
  • Exercise. Start! Showing up is the biggest battle! Just do something. Nobody is going to run a marathon on day one. So just do something. It can be a walk, It can be a 90 min heated power yoga class, or it can be a part of our Thrive Online membership. Signing up now gets you 10 days free to check it out! We also have a great special at the studio, $99/month through the end of the year! We can’t wait to practice with you! Do what you can, when you can, but do it daily! 
  • Water (drinking half your body weight in ounces of water- 150 lbs = 75oz -minimum) 
  • Food. This is a tough one…. I know. I know. Oh man, do I know… if you have to, start with the most important- have breakfast, at the same time at your very own table, every morning. Every day. Try to add more good things. Fill up on those. If you’re full, the temptation of all the “shoudn’t haves” will be less and less.
  • Gratitude.- show how grateful you are to yourself and to others during the day. Just by holding yourself accountable daily for water intake is HUGE! Expressing gratitude is a game changer for life. Allowing yourself to be present and to be grateful for what you have right now, and reminding yourself of that daily. Write it down, draw a photo, make a list, paint a mural. Whatever you want to do! It’s about showing up, so document what helped you show up! 

 *checklists are available at Thrive Yoga & Wellness, ask whoever is at the desk for yours!

 The transformation that YOU can begin, that YOU initiate to make the best of what you have already been given and know. I promise, it’s so worth it. It’s an amazing journey. You just have to start. So, what do you need to change? What needs to happen to make sure you are happy and content with yourself? What makes you feel good? Only you know the answers to those questions. Those are the root of what you are, and what makes you THRIVE!  

By Lesleigh Guinn RYT 200

*This article includes Affiliate links.