Why Letting Go is the Secret to Freedom and Success

Letting Go is one of the concepts folks struggle with–whether it’s my kids when I want to clean out their old toys to make room for new toys…

How can you take away this little girl's toys?
How can I take this sweet little girl’s old toys?

Or, even as an adult when life transitions happen. Change is a difficult concept more often than not.

I had a REALLY hard time letting go of my old job.

I was laid off from a lucrative energy industry job just two weeks after returning to work from maternity leave with my first child. Although I was ecstatic to move home (from the suburbs of Philly), letting go of my identity associated with that job, with the benefits of holding that job, with the standard of living that we enjoyed…that was a TOUGH pill to swallow.

That’s the universe telling me to let go of that old identity, thanks Brad!

Full disclosure here: I still struggle with certain aspects of not having that job.

Yoga can help you to let things go

Yoga has helped me a LOT. It has helped me to deal with things like letting things go. It’s helped me to remain calm even in the most difficult situations. It’s that daily practice that’s helped me learn how to breathe even when stuff is super uncomfortable. I mean, if I can breathe in camel pose, I can breathe when the kids are having a temper tantrum or when life throws some curveballs, right? This daily practice has also helped me to let go of things that weren’t serving me (like some poses.)

Backbends are easy if you're 4
Just breathe…even in the hard stuff, and these backbends are hard unless you are 2 and 4.

Why it’s good to let go

On New Year’s Eve, I got slapped in the face with a few realities that weren’t exactly awesome.

For several weeks, I struggled with letting the idea of something I wanted to do go because I couldn’t figure out how to make it happen (read here, I was FORCING something….which, just like in your yoga practice, when you have to force yourself into it, you probably shouldn’t be doing it…but I digress.) I couldn’t sleep because I was trying to force this thing to happen, then when I finally gave up on the idea of sleeping I got out of bed to seemingly an endless assault on my peace.

If you have to force yourself into it, you probably shouldn’t be doing it

Legit, back to back to back something or someone was just there to test my ability to stay in my calm space.

By 10 am I had had enough. (12/31 is my husband’s birthday too, so that is super awesome of me to be in a foul mood, right?!?) I was about to go bananas when I finally just had a “moment” that whispered, “let it go.”

I didn’t WANT to let it go, and I sorta got mad at the thought.

So I’m the pouty one on the right, and that one on the left is the little voice inside all of us that says, “it’s ok, I got you, let it go!!”

However, it made sense. Every single thing was barraging me all at the same time. Clearly, this is what folks in the educational field would call a “learning moment.”

I finally said (out loud even), “Ok, Fine. This won’t happen. I can’t make it happen.”

I let it go. I let the idea of it go.

I called my husband to tell him I’d let it go. I called my best friend to tell her. They were both shocked and sad for me because it was something I had REALLY REALLY wanted to do. They said all the right things.

Guess what happened. The next day, ALL the stars aligned and viola this dream of mine that I’d had for MONTHS, suddenly got the green light.

No kidding. Within 24 hours of me letting go of the fight to make things work, I received the gift of what I wanted the whole time. 

It wasn’t exactly how I had imagined it, but it was exactly what I wanted.

Funny how that worked out, right?

The moral of the story here is, even if what I Wanted hadn’t happened right away as in this case (because, BELIEVE ME, lots of stuff I have wanted haven’t worked out the way I wanted them to), I let go.

Letting go was hard AF.

As soon as I let go, I felt better.

I actually felt lighter and happier.

I started getting excited about the other things I could do instead. It was a relief because I wasn’t fighting anymore, so in the place of that stress and turmoil was only peace.

That peace gave me the space I needed to allow something else to come in.

The same thing can happen for you.

What gives you peace?

Now that we are in the first week of a new decade, I encourage you to take a second and reflect on what is bringing you peace. Smile for a second in that honor. Meditate on that thing (or those things) that bring peace to you. The people or things that give you peace. Those are the things we want MORE of in our lives. Every.Single.Day.

Then, take another moment to see what is robbing you of your peace.

Is that thief worth it?

If that peace robber isn’t worth it, let it go.

Maybe even say it out loud. Confirm it with a friend (in case the thief comes back to try to rob you again, you’ll have an accountability partner.)  Let it go.

See what happens. 

Then, send me an email and give me your results!

Do you need help letting go?

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Here’s to an AMAZING 2020!