Mindset: Making the Decision to Change

Back at the beginning of this year, I wrote this blog post, but didn’t do anything thing with it.  While organizing the ever growing library of online content that is Thrive Yoga and Wellness, I found this article and decided it should be shared.  Even though we are well past the New Year, it is still time.  It is time to move, it is time to change, it is time to take control of the thoughts, patterns, or emotions that are limiting you, and it’s time to break free from them.  

Maybe you were one of the millions of Americans that commited to something at the new year, and sorta lost steam around Valentine’s Day.  That old Resolution is just sitting in the back of your mind like a prank you did to yourself. You don’t have to be a part of the 92% of people that fail at your resolve.  You can be a part of the 8% that actually accomplish your goals (especially if it was yoga and wellness related), because you are not alone. You have a network of yoga family that is here to help you make the change and keep you coming to your mat time after time.

Use this beautiful spring weather to be the caterpillar, breaking out of its cocoon, with a transformation so beautiful that it can’t help but fly.  You are strong and powerful. You do have the capacity to change your destiny. You can do it, we can help. Check out this short piece and then come join us in studio or online!

January 1, 2019

This morning, while waiting for the coffee to brew, I noticed that the sun wasn’t up yet, and that perhaps I could watch it (assuming the stars aligned & that the kids didn’t wake up, of course ;)). We’ve been blessed with some abnormally warm weather, so there I was in a T-shirt and sweats, on my front porch watching as the sky went from the dark purples and greys to the amazing morning kaleidoscope of colors, just outside my front door.

I have two really young kids, so forgive me if I’ve lived here almost 2 years and never noticed that my house faces due east, and in the fall, when the leaves are gone, I have a pretty spectacular view!  (gonna blame that on the busy – ness of being a mom!)

I watched the bight orange and yellow peak through the horizon, causing the dark colors to change—to get lighter, more hopeful colors, like pinks and orange and blue.  It was beautiful as the line of orange and yellow filled the horizon, it was like the pink and blue were sent out ahead to be the sentries announcing the sun’s arrival.

January 1, 2019.  This is the day of hope.  This is the day of excitement for what is to come.  This is the day where we all anticipate the year ahead and we maybe take a second to be thankful that the night sky of the previous year is behind.  Maybe 2018 was amazing for you (AWESOME!) Maybe 2018 was not so amazing…(which is not awesome, but it hopefully taught you a few things, brought you new friends, and I hope, makes the promise of this year even sweeter.)

My 2018 was full of a lot of really awesome great things, but also a few super low times. When I lost my best friend, right arm, and wise mom mentor to a move, I was pretty devastated..if I’m honest, i still haven’t fully recovered.  However, the studio experienced a magnificent rebirth and monumental growth that nearly blew my socks off—which is pretty amazing! My son took his first steps and my daughter learned how to read the alphabet and the first 15-20 numbers (it depends on the day..) and my personal yoga practice almost got back to the pre-baby days..  

These are amazing, life changing events that make the year and me as a result of it, meaningful and beautiful (even in sadness) and it fills me with hope for the year ahead. The fact is, with this new year, the old year has left us changed…hopefully for the better.

To the world, today is no different.  The earth continues to spin, the sun continues to shine, the weather patterns cycle, and the seasons continue to change.  The sun doesn’t get upset if the clouds decide to hide its grand entrance. The wind doesn’t get mad and quit because the sun burns brighter.  These forces of nature—they are just that, forces. Just like you and me. We are forces. The forces of nature continue to cycle through because that’s what they are meant to do.  

Let’s live in the power that is us!  Let’s be like the sun and be the true forces of nature that we were created to be.  

My hope is that this morning, or this day, can be like the piercing orange and yellow sun in a night sky.  I hope that today is the start of a beautiful new beginning. Today is where you forget those things behind and you press forward to the things ahead.  Today is where you take the steps you need to take, to use the tools, experience, and lessons you’ve learned to grow, and make an impact on yourself, the ones around you and our world at large.  Today is the day. You can do it.

Let’s do it together.  

Don’t worry.  This doesn’t have to be scary.  It doesn’t mean you can’t continue to do some of the things you love (Heck, I started the day off with coffee and the last piece of cake from my husband’s bday until my birthday later this month…sigh, good bye treats!!!). Today is the beginning, and it is exciting, and it is exactly what you and I decide it will be.  

Let’s decide that today is the day we take care of ourselves, that we implement the changes necessary to be healthy.

Today is the day that we say, “no” to the limiting thoughts and life patterns and “yes” to true life giving change.  

Maybe today is the day you finally make it into the studio.  Maybe today is the day you recommit to your practice.  Maybe today is the day you get the crow pose you’ve been working on, or maybe you just learn how to sit and meditate.  Maybe today is the day you finally take the plunge and decide to join our 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training Program  The thing is, today is the day to try.  Today is your chance to start again, just like the sun did this morning and every other morning.  You can do this. We can do this together. Let’s start TODAY!