MPG Sport: A Review on the Interlace Look Legging and Medium Support Sports Bra

By Jennifer Dixon MBA ERYT 500 and Authorized Ashtanga Yoga Teacher

For those of you that know me, I’m rarely ever out shopping –I mean, who has the time between two super small little ones and running the most amazing yoga studio…ever.  :) However, when I actually DO get a chance to go shopping I’m looking for something cute (1) and a good deal (2) and something that will last until I actually get to go shopping again (3).  Yes, I have purchased the $10 leggings off Amazon because they were cute–however I don’t have any since my last round of purchases (about 2 years ago) because they have all gone to clothing heaven.  (ie gotten rips, holes, lost elasticity, color, etc.)

Today’s review is on a new set that I recently got at a clothing show.  It was called a “sample sale” so I got it for a great deal, and it’s an adorable matching set by MPG Sport.  It’s called the Interlace Look Legging and Medium Support Sprots Bra. (that’s an affiliate link to Amazon.) Ok, so not gonna lie, when I saw this color, I grabbed it before even looking at the price tag.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some blues, and this particular almost royal blue, which has been in the last couple of years, it stood out from the sea of blacks and greys and other dull colors and was almost like a Siren calling me.  

My first thoughts on the Interlace Look Legging

At first glance, I LOVED this color.  It’s a bright and beautiful blue that is both brilliant and stunning–but not so loud that you look like you should be a 4 year old in a princess dress.  It’s just a nice bright blue that will get you noticed but not screaming she’s crazy. The fabric, the MPG signature “performance blend.” claims to hold shape well and offers “supreme stretch.”  When I first felt it, it seemed thicker than some of the other performance fabrics I had felt, but not so thick that I wouldn’t want to wear it in a hot yoga class. Honestly, since I’m closer to 40 than I’d like to admit, I prefer a slightly thicker fabric because I know those little fibers got a little bit more “holding up” than they did 20 years ago.  

I got a size medium.  I’m not quite 5’7” and I weigh around 160.  I clock in usually around a size 10, sometimes it’s an 8, depending on the brand and I am definitely what folks would call, “healthy” or “muscular”.  The unique thing about my body is that I have a booty and some #thickthighs but my waist doesn’t usually match the pants that my legs fit into. This means, even with yoga leggings, that some bunching up is common around my waist.  OR, if it fits my waist, the legs and butt are so stretched out it looks like the pants are getting tired.

These leggings are high waisted and considered ¾ length.  However, since I have a long torso and shorter legs, the ¾ length is long enough to be full length leggings on me.  Inside the waistband, there is a small pocket, which you’d never be able to actually use if you were practicing yoga, but if you were using these legs more as athleisure, then you could totally put your credit card in them and go get your coffee.  You also have a nice drawstring around the waist, so the bunching up is kept somewhat at a minimum which was a nice bonus.

Here, you can see a little bunching around the waist, but it’s very minimal.

My first thoughts on the Interlace Look Medium Strength Sports Bra

I found the matching Interlace Macrome Look Medium Strength Sports bra right next to the leggings and even though it was a size medium, I thought I could probably fit it.  I tend to run between medium and large with my top sizes because I’m a 36 D and lord knows the ladies have changed a LOT from birthing and breastfeeding two hungry little ones.  The bra is cut like a traditional sports bra–almost like a rectangle of tight spandex to hold the girls in place, with a slightly feminine v-neckline. I love the macrome inspired look on the sides of the bra. It does have removable pads inside the bra for a little extra coverage.

Practicing with the MPG Sport Interlace Look Legging

In my first practice, I noticed a few things that I thought would be super important if you were considering purchasing this brand.

  • It is high waisted  – the leggings come over my belly button
  • The waist is double thick –so it’s a little like wearing some Spanx on the all the right “mama” spots of my low belly.  This felt both supportive and flattering.
  • The material covers a multitude of sins, since it is thicker, the material in the leggings help to both support and conceal some of the thing time, child-rearing and my affinity for chocolate and beer have done to my body, so you KNOW I loved that.
  • The ¾ length was actually full length for me, and then some.  I had a little bunching up at the ankle
  • I didn’t have a camel toe!
  • The pants stayed put, for the most part. A couple of times, when coming up from Downward Facing Dog, to Chair pose, or to standing, I had to pull the leggings back up but for the most part, they stayed put.

Practicing with the MPG Sport Interlace Look Medium Support Sports Bra

I was a bit apprehensive about how this bra would fit since I’m sort between most bra sizes, but this bra went on without any “popping sounds” –you know what I’m talking about when something is too small but you WILL it on anyways?  This bra took the stretch that is getting over my broad shoulders and fit over my chest perfectly. It didn’t move from the time I put it on throughout my entire practice.

  • The bra has a lot of stretch. It can get over broad shoulders and chest and it holds things in place
  • The coverage is great. I tend to need thicker padding to keep everything concealed and this bra did the trick just fine.
  • It didn’t give me any unsightly bulges, you know like under my arms or around my back.  
  • It did not move, and neither did “the ladies.”

Even upside down, things stayed put, although some of my skin does sag up and over the back when I’m upside down. I love getting older!

The MPG Sport Interlace Look Legging and Matching Medium Support Sports Bra Overall Review

Overall, this MPG Sport set makes me very happy. I enjoyed practicing in it and when I got out in public today, just about everyone commented on the awesome blue color.  (I’m telling you, this may have been the “in” color a year or two ago, but it’s still AWESOME to wear now!) It covers a multitude of bodily “sins” (Ie age and skin related).  It is thick and supportive but not to the point of suffocation or discomfort. I have been comfortable all day, which sometimes doesn’t happen with thicker, super supportive leggings in other brands.  This brand comes in about average in terms of price. The leggings retail around $60 on AmazonThe bra, which is on sale at the time of this publishing is about $30.  

MPG Sport Interlace Outfit Pros  

  • Thick, supportive, breathable fabric
  • The Sports Bra stay put
  • They help to conceal and enhance your figure
  • On sale, these are a great value and sometimes you can find this brand at TJMaxx an Marshall’s (my favorite stores EVER.)

MPG Sport Interlace Outfit Cons

  • I’m above average in height, and the ¾ length fits like a full length legging, so their full length leggings must be for some tall women.
  • The waistband of the leggings did come down a few times with a vigorous yoga practice, but otherwise stayed put
  • The cut out around the ankle can give a bit of a sausage look if you have thicker legs like I do, but it isn’t super terrible
  • It is a medium support bra, so it’s great for yoga or weight lifting, but I wouldn’t go running in this puppy.  You could probably do a machine with minimal bouncing, but this will not hold you in place with higher impact activities.