Common Questions about Yoga at Thrive

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What types of Classes can I take at Thrive?

We offer over 30 group classes a week ranging from the more relaxing Restorative, Yin and Gentle Yoga varieties, to the more rigorous Mat Pilates, Heated Power, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Barre and even Progressive Ballet Technique. The goal here, at Thrive Yoga and Wellness is to provide our clients with a total Wellness Experience. Whether it is fitness or relaxation or anything in between, our goal is to invite EveryBody into our space and help them reach their personal wellness goals. Check out our Class Descriptions for more info.

2) How does a membership work?

Memberships are commitments to yourself and your practice for 6 months. You agree to come to the studio 4, 8, or an unlimited amount of times each month to practice with us. Each membership level contains its own perks from Private Yoga Sessions with our up and coming Teacher Trainees to discounts on workshops, trainings and retail items.  These are fabulous options to maintain a regular practice, which will ultimately provide you with the most benefits to the practice. If memberships are cancelled prior to the end of the commitment period, the charge is the difference between the discounted membership rate and the non-discounted, non-committed autopays. For more information on our memberships, check this out.

3) Can I buy class packages?

Yes, we offer a 4 class pass and a 10 Class pass. These are available to share with friends and family, but they expire within 3 months. We also offer a 10 class pass with a 6 month expiration.

4) How much is it to Join?

We do not charge a joining fee. We do have a per class charge and membership packages. Price options

4) Is Pilates for Me? 

YES! Pilates was created to help you feel your best (which, of course helps you to look your best!) Whether you join us for a Pilates Mat Class, a private session, or you take advantage of our small group apparatus sessions, you will feel the difference in your body with a stronger core, better body awareness, improved mobility and so much more. Pilates truly is a wonderful compliment to your current fitness routine, or it can BE your fitness routine!

5) Is Yoga for Me?

YES! Do you desire a healthier life, more mobility and decreased stress? Yoga is for you! If you’ve noticed lost mobility with age, life, injuries, you’re the best client for us! If you’re looking to get into shape in a non-impact, supportive environment, you’re the perfect client for us! If you’re open to working hard and being rewarded with increased range of motion, increased health, decreased sickness and/or pain, and decreased overall stress in your life, then yoga is for YOU!!

6) How long has THRIVE been around?

THRIVE YOGA AND WELLNESS, formally Yoga East Studio was established in 2010. We are E. Brainerd’s only Pilates, Barre, PBT, & Yoga Studio, and we have been the winner of Chattanooga’s Best of the Best since 2013. We recently changed to the name THRIVE because we wanted to show you how you could choose to live a happier, healthier life through yoga and wellness programs through the studio.

7)Do you have classes for beginners?

Yes, we offer several beginner friendly classes per week, in addition we offer other beginner friendly classes such as Beginner's yoga, Beginner's Mat Pilates, Yin, Restorative, and Gentle yoga. Our All Levels Flow and Heated Power Yoga and even Ashtanga classes welcome new yogis as well. Our teachers are equipped with the necessary modifications to help assist beginners and advanced students alike to receive the full benefits of each posture in each class. Class Schedule is posted here.

8) Do you offer Private Class?

Yes. We do offer Private and Small Group yoga and Pilates sessions. Current fees are $75/session and can be used for 1-3 students. We also offer packages for Private Pilates and Yoga sessions.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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