New Products in the Studio!

By Jennifer DIxon MBA ERYT 500 – Since we moved locations, Labor Day Weekend, I have been to the studio every single day. (I honestly don’t recommend this to anyone long term if you’d like to keep your sanity.) With the changing name, new space, added products, and services, my presence was absolutely necessary as we worked through the growing pains. I wish I could say all the growing pains are over, but we still have more classes to offer, more products to sell, and more services to provide, (can anyone say JUICE, PLEASE?) we are still making strides but not quite there. All of these are all wonderful problems to try to solve, right?

Well, that all changed when my husband and I loaded up the two kids for the usually 3.5 hr drive over to Asheville on Sunday. I say usually because nothing ever goes as expected when you have little ones in tow. I think it took us just about 4.5 hours to get to my sister’s place in West Asheville and let me tell you, I felt a little like a lost sailor that had been trapped at sea for months when I finally arrived at her cute apartment, falling just short of kissing the ground simply because we weren’t trapped in the car anymore. (note to self, NEVER.EVER. leave home without an equal amount of toys, but I digress.)

The purpose of the trip was to visit a jewelry show to see if there was anything that I could find for you! (as well as to try to get away, however briefly.) You probably have come to realize I’m not much for frills at this stage in my life, but there was a time when I loved some bling. I got the chance to channel that inner “girlie girl” and shop until my feet ached and my arms were tired from holding things. Let me tell you, it was both completely exhausting but also really fun. I can’t wait for the next big sale, and I hope you like the super pretty swag I brought home!

Let me describe this place for you. Imagine a great big room, not all that different from the trade center. This was a multi-purpose facility that apparently also held the county fair, so outside were stalls to hold various farm animals.

Don’t worry, it didn’t smell of farm animals.

Inside the lights were on and BRIGHT! (how else could we see all the treasures?!) My sister has frequented these wholesale shows in the past –she’s a super creative sort that can make all things look pretty, which CLEARLY skipped me. She told me to, “pace myself,” so we went in armed with a plan: Circle the place once and then remember where the “good stuff” is to go back to afterward.

So, if you can imagine the excitement and craze of the Black Friday Sales in front of Kohls or Target, combined with the lights of Jared’s, you may get the general sentiment that was this sale. We pre-registered and got there early (by design, and much easier for me than my single sister). We hit the perimeter, and man alive, I was OVERWHELMED. I saw finished and unfinished jewelry and stones and singing bowls, and crystals galore! I mean, if it’s semi-precious, it was here, doused in light, and everyone wanted some.

(I literally just sighed out loud at the memory.)

A chilly morning, the a/c couldn’t keep up with the crowds or the lights, so about an hour in, we were stripped down out of the layers to our tanks, still making our way through the facility. Note to self: next time, if you see something you REALLY like, go ahead and get it, it’ll likely be gone on the second pass. (and yes, I understand the risk involved with over paying, etc, I lost a couple of “treasures” due to my fine planning! :)

Fast forward several hours, it’s lunch time, my sister and I both have our arms full and I’m getting text messages from my better half about it being nap time and when will we be home, etc etc. I literally had NO IDEA I’d spent more than half the day in this place. Imagine the thrill of the shining lights of Vegas and you’ll get the idea.

I say all of this to say, overall, we had a GREAT trip. I got to shop (which is always nice), we also visited some sites (Chimney Rock, the Biltmore–my husband’s first time in America’s Largest House, Lake Lure, several restaurants, and even more “potties.”) It was almost perfect weather, and although a little late in the season, still absolutely stunningly beautiful. It was a really good reminder to take the time to get away.

Even with everything here at the studio, it’s absolutely imperative to do a little self-care–in addition to your daily yoga practice, and just get away. Even though the bed wasn’t perfect, and my son wanted to stay up all night the first night because my husband thought it would be a good idea to let him taste a Coffee Porter, we both came back feeling rested and ready to tackle the rest of this week and the holidays. I hope you’ll take some time during this season of thanks and giving to be thankful for what you have and to really stop even for a few moments, to enjoy it thoroughly. It’ll make everything so much more beautiful when you go back to the status quo.

In the meantime, come check out the new beautiful jewelry I got for you! Our little retail space only displays a fraction of what is available, so get in here, grab what you love and come back because more will be released as these pieces go to their new forever homes.  Here’s the even COOLER news…Since Black Friday is Coming up (and Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday…and basically the season of buying and gifting) I have an even cooler deal for you! For the weekend after Thanksgiving, you can come into the studio and get ALL OUR NEW JEWELRY for 30% off!  So, hurry on in after you’ve had your fill of Turkey and Dressing, grab a Thai Massage at our Holiday Open house fundraiser for Wally’s Friends, and come shop the amazing selection that is our super cool, all authentic Stone or Natural Wood jewelry. I can’t wait to see you soon!